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Pantograph designs for every machine and every frame!

Yes, you can now find the perfect sized pantograph to fit your home machine or longarm. We've stitched pantographs up a notch - with an easy advancing system and mix n' match ability to create beautiful designs for your quilts! 

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following Pantograph Quilting designs:

Stippling Pantograph Design Loopy Line Pantograph Sharp Stippling Pantograph Design Spiraling Pantograph Design
Curvy Chevron Pantograph Design
Daisy Loops Pantograph Quilting Design Daisy Stipple Pantograph Design

Please Note these pantographs will only work on a frame-mounted home machine longarm with a laser light / stylus as a guide. This is NOT a QCT / Digitized Design!

Mix n' Match to Create the Perfect Sized Design!

After teaching pantograph quilting a few years, I found the greatest confusion surrounded the size of design you could quilt on a particular machine. Many quilters struggled to find the right size of design to best use their quilting space.

We want a perfect Goldilocks design - a pantograph wide enough to efficiently use our quilting space, but not so big we run out of space and mess up the design.

The solution is Mix n' Match Pantographs! Each pantograph PDF includes two sizes of the design: A narrow row for home machines and a wider row for longarms.

The smaller sized design will fit home machines with a 9 inch harp space. 

The larger design will perfectly fit our Qnique 15 or 16 longarm.

But if you have an even bigger longarm, you want to maximize that quilting space! These Mix n' Match Pantographs are designed so you can tape multiple rows together to create a truly unique design for your quilt.

Start Pantograph Quilting Right Now

These downloadable pantographs arrive instantly via email as a PDF file. Simply follow the instructions within the pantograph to print, trim, and tape together the perfect sized pantograph for you! You must be able to print multiple pages in full color.

Mix n' Match Pantograph Quilting Designs

Frequently Asked Questions about Mix n' Match Pantographs

What do I need to quilt pantographs with a Grace Qnique longarm?

  • Rear Handlebars so you can control the longarm from the back.
  • Qnique Laser Light to follow the pantograph.
  • Solid back table on your frame to support the pantograph.

What do I need to quilt pantographs with my home machine?

Can I use pantographs on a home machine set in a table?

Not really. These designs are intended for quilting on a frame where the machine moves over the quilt.

How many pantograph designs do I get in one PDF?

You will receive one 3-inch and one 7-inch version of one design. Example - if you select the Spiraling Pantograph, you will receive one 3-inch and one 7-inch row of Spiraling. 

Follow the instructions in the PDF to print your rows, cut the designs and tape them together to create your pantograph design. Charts are included to guide you on printing out the correct number of pages for your machine and frame.


NOTE - These pantographs are only available as digital downloads. You must have a printer and be able to print in full color on US Letter sized paper.


Pantograph Quilting GuidebookLearn even more about quilting with pantographs!

If you need more help understanding how to use these designs, check out Leah's Pantograph Quilting Guidebook.

This guide includes a wealth of information on placing your pantographs, how to recover from common mistakes, and how to make the most of the quilting frame you're using.

Click Here to find the Pantograph Quilting Guidebook!