Mally the Maker Doll Sewing Pattern

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March Sale! Save $5 on Spring Sewing Patterns! Mally is the lovable little girl from the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt. She stumbles across a magical world inside her grandmother's quilt and has to stitch herself out of many sticky situations. Now it's your turn to sew a Mally the Maker doll and master new sewing skills too!

Mally the Maker Girl Doll Sewing Pattern

Your finished Mally the Maker doll will measure 17 inches from her head to her feet. This pattern is written for Intermediate sewists.

In the pattern, you will find helpful instructions on piecing the doll step-by-step, adding yarn hair, sewing a t-shirt and pants with real working pockets! Yes, these clothes are compatible with Ms. Bunny too!

This Mally doll sewing pattern is only available as a PDF download. You will need to be able to print out the pattern pages full size and without scaling or shrinking. Click Here to find tips on downloading and printing patterns.

Learn how to sew your own Mally the Maker Doll in this sewing tutorial:

Make sure to watch the Ms. Bunny sewing tutorial to see how to sew the body, arms, and legs for both dolls.

Materials list

1/2-yard skin tone color fabric for body
Fat quarter (18 x 21 inches) fabric for shirt
Fat quarter (18 x 21 inches) fabric for pants
Freezer paper
Sew-on snap for pants
Brown or black embroidery floss to create face
Black embroidery floss or two doll safety eyes (8-12 mm)
Acrylic yarn for hair
Cotton piecing thread to match fabric colors
Polyester Fiberfill
Chopstick for filling the doll
Hand sewing needles and an embroidery needle
Fabric marking pen or pencil
Basic sewing supplies including a patchwork foot and zigzag foot

Make Mally and Ms. Bunny!

Mally the Maker and Bunny Doll Sewing Patterns

Would you like even more doll sewing fun? You can also make Ms. Bunny, another character from the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt.

Mally and Ms. Bunny are the same size so Ms. Bunny's dress will fit Mally and Mally's t-shirt and pants will fit Ms. Bunny. If you've been wanting more clothing options for Ms. Bunny, this is the perfect opportunity to sew more garments for these special dolls.

Click Here to find the Ms. Bunny Doll Sewing Pattern

Sew Along with Leah and the special girls in your life!

Leah will be sharing a three part video series on how to sew the Mally doll, her t-shirt, and pants. Follow along with the videos step-by-step and inspire your daughters or granddaughters to learn how to sew.

While this is an intermediate sewing pattern, with help from an experienced sewist, anyone can create a Mally the Maker doll.

Make More Makers

You never know when something as simple as a handmade doll or quilt or an inspiring story will lead a child to try sewing or quilting later in life. Please make this Mally the Maker doll as many times as you like. You have my express permission to sell the dolls and dresses anywhere you see fit.

If you wish to make a production volume of dolls (500 or more) please contact us and we may just wholesale them from you!

Send us your pictures of Mally the Maker to show all the possibilities for this doll!

Here is my first Mally doll:

Mally the Maker Girl Doll Sewing Pattern