Sensational Snowflakes Embroidery Collection

Leah Day Embroidery

$ 12.99 

Quickly and easily create beautiful winter projects with this collection of six Sensational Snowflakes digitized for machine embroidery.

All of the designs in this set measure around 3.5 x 3.75 inches (83 x 95 mm) and are available in the following formats: ART, ART USB EXP, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, VIP, VP3, XXX.

Check out the six snowflake designs included in this collection:

Sensational Snowflake Machine Embroidery Designs

Five of the six snowflake embroidery designs can be stitched in 2 colors if desired. Just imagine what you can do with multi-colored snowflakes!

Multi Colored Snowflake Embroidery Designs

Click Here to download a placement template to create this wreath arrangement for your snowflakes!

How to machine embroider designs in this collection

snowflake Embroidery designs

The snowflake embroidery designs in this collection are designed to stitch on a single layer of woven cotton fabric.

To embroider a single layer of fabric, first hoop a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer, then float your project fabric on top.

You may want to float an additional layer of tear-away stabilizer under the hoop. Stitch the design, then carefully remove the excess stabilizer from around the back of the embroidered snowflake.

Learn how to embroidery these designs onto fabric and piece them into a beautiful Path in the Snow quilt block in this video:

Click Here to find the pattern for the Path in the Snow block

Downloading Machine Embroidery Designs

download snowflake designsThe designs in the Sensational Snowflakes Embroidery Collection are sold by their file type. Please check with your machine manual to double check the file type needed for your machine.

All 6 of the designs are organized together in a compressed (zipped) folder that will download onto your computer. Left click on the folder and select "Extract All..." and select the location for the files to go.

Once the files have been saved, transfer them to a USB flash drive then into your embroidery machine. Please refer to your machine manual to learn the best way to transfer files to your machine.

Stitch out all of the designs an unlimited number of times and enjoy being able to stitch each texture perfectly with the touch of a button!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sensational Snowflakes

Can I resize the designs?

Most embroidery machines allow you to resize the designs between 10 - 20%, but for this collection of designs resizing is not advisable.

The reason is these designs incorporate satin stitching, which when increased in size can make very long stitches which could get caught and pulled, distorting the design.

If you wish to resize the snowflake embroidery designs in this collection you'll need to use digitizing software to resize and export the design. The difference is your machine will resize the shapes, but not increase the number of stitches within the design. It will just make the stitches bigger.

Digitizing software will compensate for the increase in design size with an increased stitch count. So with digitizing software you should be able to resize to any size and still create a beautiful design.

Can I download these designs onto my iPad or tablet?

No. Because the design files are zipped together into a compressed folder, you should download them onto your computer first, unzip the folder, then transfer them to your embroidery machine.