Stitch n Paint Landscape Embroidery

Leah Day Embroidery

$ 9.99 

Do you love to coloring books? You're going to love this new Stitch n' Paint Landscape embroidery design! This new design was created specifically for you to stitch on your machine, then color in the spaces with fabric paints, markers, or colored pencils!

This beautiful landscape embroidery measures 5 x 7 inches (127 x 178 mm) and is available in the following formats: ART, ART USB EXP, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, VIP, VP3, XXX.

Follow the steps below to create a unique mini landscape quilt you can paint yourself!

Landscape embroidery design
Step 1
- Hoop cotton backing fabric and float a 10 inch square of batting and white cotton fabric on top.
Paintable landscape embroidery design
Step 2
- Hit the Start button and let your machine take care of the stitching!
Landscape Embroidery Design Stitch and Paint
Step 3
- Remove the design from the hoop and fill the spaces with paint, fabric markers, or colored pencils.
 Landscape embroidery design

Step 4
- Heat set your colors if needed, then frame your mini landscape quilt in a 5 x 7 inch picture frame.

Love Stitch and Paint Embroidery DesignLooking for more designs to stitch and paint?

Click Here to check out our Stitch n' Paint Love design that will a beautiful love themed design! How will you color your hearts and feathers? Experiment with funky color combinations and embellish your mini quilt with beads and decorative yarns.

Both designs will stitch a perfect 5 x 7 inch design, making them a great gift project. Stitch out the design, paint and embellish it in creative ways, then frame it and give it to a friend!

Downloading Machine Embroidery Designs

download snowflake designsThis Stitch n' Paint Landscape embroidery design is sold by the file type. Please check with your machine manual to double check the file type needed for your machine.

The design plus an instruction PDF are organized together in a compressed (zipped) folder that will download onto your computer. Left click on the folder and select "Extract All..." and select the location for the files to go.

Once the file has been saved, transfer it to a USB flash drive then into your embroidery machine. Please refer to your machine manual to learn the best way to transfer files to your machine.

Paint Landscape Embroidery Design

Stitch out the design an unlimited number of times and
paint and embellish as many landscapes as you can imagine!

Frequently Asked Questions about Stitch n' Paint Embroidery Designs

What fabric paints do you recommend?

To color my Stitch n' Paint Landscape, I used Fabrico markers which feature both thick and fine tips to make coloring the small spaces of this design easy.

I also recommend Jacquard textile paints which are easy to apply with a paintbrush.

Can I resize the designs?

Most embroidery machines allow you to resize the designs between 10 - 20% and yes, the design will still look good when resized within this amount.

If you wish to resize the designs much, much bigger then you'll need to use digitizing software to resize and export the design. The difference is your machine will resize the shapes, but not increase the number of stitches within the design. It will just make the stitches bigger.

Digitizing software will compensate for the increase in design size with an increased stitch count. So with digitizing software you should be able to resize to any size and still create a beautiful design.

Do keep in mind that this design measures 5 x 7 inches (127 x 177 mm) and if resized, you will likely require a larger hoop to stitch it properly.