Continuum Frame 2-Foot Extension

Expand Your Continuum Frame and Quilt Bigger Quilts!

This extension kit for the Continuum quilting frame will extend your work area an extra 2 feet. This extension can be used to expand the 8 Foot Continuum Frame to 10 feet, or the 10 Foot Frame to become 12 Feet.

See how I installed this 2 Foot Expansion Kit on my 8 Foot Continuum to turn it into a 10 Foot Frame in this video:

Why would you want to expand your Continuum Frame?

On a rolling Rail Frame,the size of the quilt you can quilt is limited by the length of the frame. So on an 8 Foot Frame, you can quilt up to a 79-inch quilt, which is great for a twin sized bed.

But most quilters want to quilt queen and king sized quilts. Quilting on a frame is much faster and easier on your body, especially when quilting bigger, bulkier quilts,

By expanding your frame with this 2-foot Extension Kit, you can quilt bigger quilts!

The 10 Foot Frame can handle quilts up to 103 inches wide.

And the 12 Foot Continuum Frame can hold quilts up to 127 inches wide. That may seem huge, but a California King with a pillow tuck and drape is a HUGE quilt!

Learn more about the different accessories you can add to your Continuum Frame:

Grace continuum frame
grace continuum frame extension

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When Will Your 2-Foot Extension Arrive?

Orders usually ship within 4-6 business days via UPS. Please use a street / physical address (no P.O. Boxes) as your shipping address. We will email you with a tracking number as soon as your order ships.

We are only allowed to ship Grace Company products within the continental US. If you live outside of the US, please contact a Grace Dealer in your country.

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