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Begin longarm quilting with an awesome frame you can upgrade and expand anytime!

The Continuum II Quilting Frame is terrific frame quilters new to longarm quilting because it can grow with you as your longarm quilting skills improve.

This frame is available in an 8 foot and 10 foot standard lengths. You can add a 2-Foot Extension as well to expand your frame to 12 feet long.

Continuum II Frame Grace Company

You can also set up the Continuum II frame at half lengths (4 feet and 5 feet), though you'll need to carefully save all your parts and pieces in case you decide to expand the frame later.

The depth of the frame can also expand if you decide to change longarm machines in the future. Set up the frame with 16 inches between the rails for machines smaller than 16 inches like the Grace Qnique 15R, or expand this space for longarms up to 21 inches long.

Use this chart and measure your sewing room to figure out the perfect size frame to fit your space.

Frame Length Actual Size Minimum Room Size Maximum Width of Quilt
8 Ft Continuum II 36 x 103 inches 
(3 x 8.5 feet)
7 x 11 sq feet 79 inches
10 Ft Continuum II

36 x 128 inches 
(3 x 10.6 feet)
7 x 13 sq feet 103 inches
12 Ft Continuum II
(10 ft + 2 ft Extension)
36 x 152 inches 
(3 x 12.6 feet)
7 x 15 sq feet 127 inches

Leah's Advice on Picking Your Frame

It can be really tough to know which sized frame to buy, especially when you're first getting started with longarm quilting. My best advice is to go with the maximum size your quilting space allows.

Learn more about the different accessories you can add to your Continuum II Frame:

Continuum II Grace Frame
grace continuum frame extension

The Continuum II Frame can be upgraded anytime with awesome accessories that make it easier to use and increase the space you can quilt in.

Expand the size of your frame anytime with the 2-Foot Extension and go from 8 feet to 10 feet or 10 feet to 12.

Stop having to adjust the height of your back bar by adding an Idler Rail. This will reduce the amount of space you have to quilt in, but speed up your loading and quilting process. 

Would you like to watch more videos on the Grace Qnique Longarm? Click Here to find all of the videos Leah has shared for Frame Quilting Friday. 

Slowly Grow with Your Quilting Frame!

Just like the Q-Zone Hoop Frame, you can begin quilting on this frame using your home machine. Make sure to include your machine's make and model number in the "Add a Note to Your Order" area of the checkout so we know what home machine you're planning to use on this frame.

Then at anytime you can upgrade by adding a Grace Qnique 15, Qnique 19, or Qnique 21 and dramatically increase the amount of space you have to quilt in! 

Compare Grace Frames to Pick the Best Quilting System for You!

Frame Length
Expandable Machines Style
Evolution Hoop 66 inches Yes, upgradable to 12 Foot Evolution Elite Home machines and longarms up to 24 inches Hoop or Rolling Rail
Evolution Elite Available in 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths. Able to also be set up at 7, 9, and 11 feet too! Up to 12 feet Home machines and longarms up to 24 inches Rolling Rail
Q-Zone Hoop Frame 54 inches
No Home machines and longarms up to 19 inches Hoop
Continuum II Frame Available in 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths.  Up to 12 feet Home machines and longarms up to 21 inches Rolling Rail

What is the Difference Between the Continuum II and the Q-Zone Frames?

The Continuum II Frame is a traditional 3 rail frame which means the batting is pinned to one rail on the front and back and stretched between the rails. Your quilt top and batting is stitched to the top edge of the backing, then either secured to the third rail or clamped in place using Quilt Clips.

This style of frame evenly layers the backing, batting, and quilt top so your quilt will rest smooth and flat on the frame as you quilt it. No layering or basting on the floor or on a table with this frame!

Because of the way it's designed, on the Continuum II Frame the size of your quilt is limited by the size of the frame. Refer to the chart above to check the size of the frame and the maximum size of quilt you can quilt within the area. You cannot quilt an 85 inch quilt on an 8 foot Continuum frame for this reason, unless you quilt it in separate pieces and then sew the pieces together on your home machine.

Q-Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Frame works very differently as a hoop instead of a frame. In this case, you will need to make a quilt sandwich with your quilt backing, batting, and quilt top BEFORE putting the quilt on the frame. 

When you place the quilt on this frame, you will clamp the top and sides to hold the area you are quilting taunt and flat within the frame. Every time you shift the quilt, you'll need to remove the clamps and straps, then reattach them before beginning quilting.

The upside of the Q-Zone Hoop Frame is you can shift the quilt from side which means you can quilt a quilt of any size on this style of frame. It's also a smaller foot print, so if space is an issue, this is a great frame to check out! Click Here to learn more about the Q-Zone Frame.

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