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Dream Longarm Machine Quilting Bundle

$ 8,499.00 $ 9,499.95
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Free Shipping on this machine within the Continental US! Longarm machine orders are shipped within 5-7 business days from Utah.

Please provide a physical street address (no P.O Boxes) as your order will ship via Fedex or UPS.

Machine Maintenance

Longarm machines are high powered, precision instruments that do not like to run dirty or dry. General maintenance like brushing out the machine and oiling it is something you need to do every day.

This isn't something that can wait for a yearly check up. Going into this purchase, you should be ready to take on servicing and maintenance of your longarm yourself.

Repairs and Warranty

If you run into issues with your machine, please contact us and we'll troubleshoot the issue together.

I've worked with many quilters and have made detailed troubleshooting videos covering most beginner issues.

If a part actually breaks on your machine, we will either ship you a replacement part for you to install, or have the machine returned to Grace Company for repairs. Guarantee - We cover the return shipping and cost of repairs on all longarm machines for up to 5 years.

Keep your Box! Longarm machines can only be safely shipped within their box and Styrofoam. Please keep your box and packaging or you will have to purchase a new box before shipping your machine back for repairs.


Build your plan for a Dream Longarm Machine Quilting Bundle! On this page you can find the current prices of all Qnique Longarms, all compatible quilting frames and add computerized quilting too.

Step 1 - Pick Your Longarm Machine

Select one of Grace Company's affordable longarm machines. Compare the most important features between the machines using this chart:

Qnique Longarm Machine Comparison

Which features are the most important? 

The size of your longarm is the most important feature because it is the biggest limitation to your quilting creativity. In the chart above, you can see both the harp size of the longarm and the maximum quilt block size.

This is the maximum size quilt block you will be able to quilt in one pass. This means you'll be able to place and quilt a design using comptuerized quilting without having to advance the quilt, or split the design in multiple rows.

What size of block do you piece the most? If you're going to invest in a longarm machine, make sure it's big enough to quilt your favorite size blocks in one pass!

Do you have questions about which Qnique longarm machine is right for you? Click Here to contact us for help!

    Step 2 - Pick Your Quilting Frame

    We have frames to fit all budgets and spaces. Not all frames are compatible with all machines though, so make sure you pick out a frame that will work with the machine you want:

    Quilting Frame Comparison Chart
    Step 3 - Pick Your Accessories

    We have lots of quilting accessories that make quilting easier and faster and more fun! Learn more about each of our quilting accessories below:

    Qnique Ruler Kit - This kit comes with everything you need for ruler quilting - a ruler base, ruler foot, and three rulers to begin quilting.

    Rear HandlebarsWe use rear handles to operate our machine from the back of the frame. This allows us to quilt with pantographs easily.

    Laser Light - To quilt with pantographs, you'll need this light to shine on the paper so you have something to follow.

    360 Wonderfoot Kit - This quilting foot is designed to give you more control over your quilting. It is especially useful for stitching in the ditch and stitching straight lines without rulers.

    Perfect Ruler Foot Kit - This foot kit includes three additional ruler feet designed to work with Grace Company's True Cut Rulers.

    Idler Rail - This additional back rail on rolling rail style frames makes advancing your quilt easier and faster. This accessory is only compatible with the Continuum II and Evolution Elite Frames.

    Batting RailThis rail is used to store the batting for 1-2 quilts and keep your quilting space tidy. This accessory is only compatible with the Continuum II and Evolution Elite Frames.

    Quilters Creative Touch 5 - This software and hardware upgrade unlocks a whole new world of computerized quilting. Design your own motifs and stitch your quilts up a notch with designs perfectly placed on your quilts.

    Learn more about Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Beginnings

    Would you like to stitch perfect designs that accent your quilt piecing and take your quilt projects to the next level?

    This computerized quilting system can turn your quilting frame into a giant automated embroidery machine. Grace Company developed Quilter's Creative Touch, a powerful software program that can read simple quilting designs and stitch them into any space on your quilt.

    Learn more about QCT 5 and what quilt automation software can do in this video:

    Choose between Quilter's Creative Touch Beginnings, which is a simpler version of the software, or PRO and unlock awesome extra features and the ability to design your own quilting designs.

    As an extra bonus, if you select QCT 5 PRO, we will include one Gold Card subscription FREE! 

    One Gold Card unlocks 1 year of access to even more features in PRO including Pattern Eclipse, Multi-Placement, and the ability to record your quilting and save it as a new design.

    You can upgrade your QCT 5 Beginnings to PRO anytime. You can also add a Gold Card subscription anytime to your QCT 5 PRO.

    ***Note - QCT5 requires a Windows based tablet with a full sized USB port. Click Here to find the tablet I use and recommend.


    • Harp Space
      Varies depending on longarm selected
    • Machine Speed
      Varies depending on longarm selected
    • Dimmable Lights
      Varies depending on longarm selected
    • Monitor Type
      Varies depending on longarm selected
    • Maximum Quilt Block Size
      Varies depending on longarm selected
    • MSRP
      Varies depending on longarm selected

    What's Included?

    All Qnique Longarm machines come with the following accessories:

    • Touchscreen monitor *
    • Front adjustable handlebars
    • Stitch regulator and encoders *
    • 3 M sized bobbins
    • Pack of size 16 and 18 needles
    • Standard quilting foot
    • Machine Tools including foot height gauge and needle alignment magnet

    * Not included with the Qnique 16X Manual Longarm

    Monthly Sale

    The Qnique 19X longarm is being discontinued to make room for new quilting machines. Take advantage of this amazing price for a 19-inch longarm while supplies last!

    Regular price: $7299.95        Blow Out Sale Price: $4499.00

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    Which Affordable Longarm Machine is right for you?

    Browse all Qnique Longarms

    Compare the prices, sizes, and features of Grace Company's longarm machines to find the perfect fit for your quilting needs and budget.

    A table comparing the facets of 5 products
    Qnique 16X Manual Affordable Longarm Machine
    Q'nique 16X Manual Affordable Longarm Machine
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    Qnique 16X Hobby Longarm Machine
    Qnique 16X Longarm Machine
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    Qnique 16X Elite Longarm Machine
    Q'nique 16X Elite Longarm
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    Affordable Longarm Machine Q'nique 19X
    BLOW OUT SALE! Q'nique 19X Longarm Machine
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    Grace Qnique 21X Elite Longarm Quilting Machine
    Qnique 21X Elite Longarm Machine
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    $ 3,499.00 $ 3,999.95
    $ 4,499.00 $ 4,999.95
    $ 4,999.00 $ 5,999.95
    $ 4,499.00 $ 7,299.95
    $ 8,499.00 $ 9,499.95
    Harp Space
    Harp Space
    16 inches
    16 inches
    16 inches
    19 inches
    21 inches
    Machine Speed
    Machine Speed
    1700 Stitches per Minute
    1700 Stitches per Minute
    2100 Stitches per Minute
    2000 Stitches per Minute
    2600 Stitches per Minute
    Monitor Type
    Monitor Type
    Illuminated "Q" Speed Indicator
    2.4 inch Touchscreen Monitor
    7 inch Touchscreen Monitor
    2.4 inch Touchscreen Monitor
    7 inch Touchscreen Monitor
    Maximum Quilt Block Size
    Maximum Quilt Block Size
    Quilt a 10-in block in one pass with this machine
    Quilt a 10-in block in one pass with this machine
    Quilt a 10-in block in one pass with this machine
    Quilt a 15-in block in one pass with this machine
    Quilt a 17-in block in one pass with this machine
    Dimmable Lights
    Dimmable Lights
    Dream Longarm Machine Quilting Bundle

    Dream Longarm Machine Quilting Bundle

    From $ 3,499.00 $ 3,999.95
    Build your plan for a Dream Longarm Machine Quilting Bundle! On this page you can find...

    Select Machine

    • Qnique 21X Elite
    • Qnique 19X Elite
    • Qnique 19X
    • Qnique 16X Elite
    • Qnique 16X
    • Qnique 16X Manual
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