Patchwork Foot for Janome 1600


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Piece your quilt blocks quickly and accurately with this special patchwork foot!

There's no doubt about it - the foot you use for quilt piecing is very important. If you want your seams to match consistently without fussing and fighting, the best investment you can make is in a patchwork foot that will give you a perfect 1/4-inch seam allowance.

I already have a favorite patchwork foot for low shank sewing machines, but this wasn't compatible with my new Janome 1600. What should I use for piecing quilts on this machine?

I began searching and testing different Janome feet and found this excellent 1/4-inch patchwork foot designed specially for high speed, lockstitch machines like the Janome 1600p and Janome HD9.

Learn more about patchwork piecing in this quilting tutorial:

Compatibility note - This foot might also work with the Juki TL, Brother 1500, Babylock Jane / Accomplish because these are all high speed, lockstitch machines as well. However, we are only dealers for Janome machines and only guarantee compatibility of this foot with the Janome 1600 and Janome HD9.

Removing the Seam Guide

This patchwork foot comes with a thin seam guide on the right edge of the foot. This is designed to help you align the edge of your fabrics with the edge of the foot.

However, I don't prefer a seam guide on my foot as it tends to block my vision of the edge of the foot. The great thing about this 1/4-inch patchwork foot is you can remove this seam guide very easily.

Janome 1600 and HD9 Patchwork Foot

Simply unscrew the tiny screw at the back of the foot with a small eyeglass screwdriver and pop the guide bar off. Now you can piece with perfect visibility!

Janome 1600 and HD9 Patchwork Foot

1/4 inch or Scant 1/4 inch seam allowance?

This patchwork foot will help you piece a 1/4-inch seam allowance, not a scant quarter.

Learn why I hate scant 1/4-inch seams in this patchwork tutorial:

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