Pinmoors - 100 Pin Anchors

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basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoorsPinmoors are simple silicon nuggets that will help you baste your quilts quicker and easier than ever before! They're non-toxic and very easy to use - just push them on the end of a straight pin and they cap the pin and stay in place for as long as you need them.

Pinmoors are especially helpful for quilters with arthritis and joint pain because they're much bigger and less complicated to use than safety pins.

Just slide your pin into your quilt and stick the sharp end into a Pinmoor. It's simple, easy, and effectively holds the layers of a quilt together for quilting.

Pinmoors will hold your quilts together as securely as safety pins. Because you can use longer straight pins to baste your quilts, you will also use fewer Pinmoors. A pack of 100 Pinmoors is enough to baste a crib sized quilt.pinmoors | pinmores Bundle and Save!

Pinmoors are also available in the Baste Your Quilt Kit which comes with 1 pack of 100 Pinmoors and 1 pack of 100 Clover Flower Pins for just $45.00.

Special note from Leah Day: I began using Pinmoors in 2012, right around the time I was busy creating many big bed quilts for my family. The idea of basting several huge quilts with safety pins was not something I was looking forward to.  Not only were these pin anchors easier and faster to use, I also found them much more convenient to remove during the quilting process.

Pinmoor Color Notice:

We carry Pinmoors because they're an awesome tool for basting quilts quickly and easily, however we've recently had trouble keeping this item in stock in one set color.

We've decided to fix this problem by ordering an assortment of Pinmoor colors: white, yellow, red, purple, orange, blue, and pink. When you order Pinmoors, you may receive any one of the following packs of colors:
basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoorsPlease note that it is not possible to request a specific color.

We never know what will be available to ship and would prefer not to delay your order over the color of this item. Keep in mind that all Pinmoor thread stoppers work wonderfully no matter what color they are!