Quilter's Cell Phone Stand

Pop up your phone and easily watch quilting tutorials next to your machine!

This collapsible phone stand pops out to hold your cell phone at a perfect angle for watching videos while you sew. The tapered shape is perfect for adding an extra grip on your phone so it doesn't slip out of your grip while taking photos too:

Quilters cell phone stand Leah Day 

I've played around with lots of different stands for my phone and this is quite honestly the best. It's quickly become second nature to pull out the disc to get a better grip on my phone or whenever I'm sitting it on a table so it's perfectly angled to watch videos.

I've designed these with one of my favorite goddess quilts on the surface, Release Your Light!

cell phone stand

When collapsed, the stand is thin enough that your phone and tablet will still fit in its holder or pouch.

Attaching the stand to your phone is quick and easy! Follow the simple instructions to peel off the paper and stick the stand to the back of your cell phone case with the attached adhesive tape. Position the stand in the middle of your phone so it will sit properly on both sides.

If you wish to remove the stand, pull on the edges of the circular base to lift off the adhesive. It will not leave any residue on your cell phone case if you wish to remove it. Do not pull on the outer disc with the goddess image. The adhesive is very powerful and if you're careful, you can pull off the stand and move it to another cell phone case if desired.