Batik Fat Quarter Pack

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Build a fantastic fabric stash with batik fat quarters!

This collection of six bright 100% cotton Island Batik fat quarters is the perfect start to a gorgeous fat quarter collection. Each fabric is precut to 18" x 22" which is the perfect size for cutting many shapes for a new quilt.

This Rainbow Basic collection includes the following colors: Cherry, Nasturtium, Butter, Leprechaun, Waterfall, Purple.

This beautiful rainbow of batik fabrics was used in the Prism Path Baby quilt!

Prism Path Baby quilt

Click Here to learn more about the Machine Quilting Party and how you can make this quilt.

Care instructions - For best results, prewash batik fabric with mild detergent. Tumble dry.

Wondering how many pieces you can cut from one fat quarter? Check out the diagram below to see. It's surprising just how many pieces you can create from one fat quarter of batik fabric:

2 inch square 80 squares 4 1/2 - 5 inch square 12 squares
2 1/2 inch square 56 squares 5 - 5 1/2 inch square 9 squares
3 inch square 35 squares 6 - 7 inch square 6 squares
3 1/2 inch square 30 squares 7 1/2 - 8 inch square 4 squares
4 inch square 20 squares 9 - 10 1/2 inch square 2 squares

Island Batik has created a special "Basics" line of hand dyed batik cotton fabrics in a range of beautiful colors. Within your quilts, these fabrics will read as "solid" but in fact add a swirl of darker and lighter shades to create a more complex effect for your quilt surface.

Begin your batik collection today with this precut set of hand dyed basic fat quarters!