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Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade Kit

$ 1,079.95
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Expand your frame and maximize your quilting space with the Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade and Extension Kits.

Here you will find kits that allow you to upgrade your Evolution Hoop Frame to an Evolution Elite. This upgrade will change your frame from a hybrid frame to Rolling Rail Style Frame only.

Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade Kit

Along with your Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade kit, you can choose from a variety of extension kits to reach the length of frame you desire. We offer 2 foot, 3 foot, and 5 foot extensions, as well as combinations to reach any length between 7- 12 feet.

How to Reach Your Desired Frame Length

We have created upgrade and extension bundles which include everything you need to expand your Evolution Hoop Frame to the perfect size! Select the kit you want based on the length of frame desired: 

8 foot Frame Upgrade - Upgrade Kit + 3 Foot Extension Kit

10 foot Frame Upgrade - Upgrade Kit + 5 Foot Extension Kit

12 foot Frame Upgrade - Upgrade Kit + 5 Foot + 2 Foot Extension Kit

Evolution Elite Frame Sizes

Check out this chart to see our estimated size of the Evolution Elite Frame set up at the different lengths available, as well as the total recommended square footage of your room:

Evolution Elite Quilting Frame Size Chart

Important Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade Details

- The Evolution Hoop Frame counts as a 5 foot section. You can create odd sizes of this frame, but the cost is prohibitive so we only support upgrading to the even sizes: 8, 10, and 12 feet.

- The maximum frame length is 12 feet. The Grace Company does not offer leader cloth or tracks for frames longer than 12 feet.

- Once you upgrade your Evolution Hoop Frame to an Evolution Elite, it will only be a rolling rail style quilting frame.

Evolution Elite Frame Idler Rail Batting Rail

Add Additional Rails to Your Evolution Frame!

Idler Rail - When quilting on the Evolution Elite Rolling Rail Frame, your quilt will roll up on the single back rail. When you advance the quilt, you'll need to adjust this rail higher so the bulky quilt doesn't press against your machine.

This adjusting is easy, but adds extra time to loading and advancing your quilt. If you'd like a faster quilting process where you never have to adjust your back rail, you need an Idler Rail.

This rail adds an additional back rail to your frame that allows your quilt to roll up higher in the arm of your machine. This rail rests 1/4-inch above the bed of your machine and allows the quilt to flow around and up to the new back rail position.

Note - This rail will reduce your quilting space slightly. It is not recommended for use with home machines or Qnique 15 longarms.

Batting Rail - This rail is added to the bottom legs of your frame and is designed to hold the batting for 1-2 quilts rolled up and off the floor. This rail keeps your quilting space tidy and your batting clean.

Note - These additional rails are interchangeable so the box will be labeled as Idler / Batting Rail.

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Yes! Upgrade and expand to any size between 7-12 feet.


Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade Kit

Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade Kit

From $ 1,079.95
Expand your frame and maximize your quilting space with the Evolution Hoop Frame Upgrade and...

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  • Upgrade to 8 Foot Frame
  • Upgrade to 10 Foot Frame
  • Upgrade to 12 Foot Frame
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