4 inch Longarm Pantograph Quilting Designs


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Pantograph designs for smaller machines!

Check out our new collection of 4-inch repeating pantograph designs. These paper patterns are 12-feet long and designed to be quilted on a longarm quilting frame with rear handlebars and a laser light or stylus as a guide.

This collection of designs can also be quilted on a home machine on a Grace Q-Zone Frame. Just make sure you have at least 5 1/2-inches of quilt-able space on your frame and these designs will be easy to quilt and repeat.

Select the following Longarm Pantograph Quilting designs from the dropdown field above:

Pantograph Quilting Design Loopy Line

Loopy Line

Pantograph Quilting Design Daisy Flow

Daisy Flow

Pantograph Quilting Design Curvy Chevron

Curvy Chevron

Pantograph Quilting Design Single Wave

Single Wave

Pantograph Quilting Design Soft Peaks

Soft Peaks

Please Note these pantographs will only work on a frame-mounted longarm with a laser light or stylus as a guide.

Are you ready to go on a longarm quilting adventure? I recently began playing with pantograph patterns on my longarm machine. I found this form of quilting to be fast and fun and perfect for covering a quilt with a single, simple design. Learn the basics of quilting with these pantograph designs in this video:

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I found pantograph quilting tricky to get the hang of and decided to write this guidebook to help you master the basics and troubleshoot the most common issues for beginners.

    There's a lot to unpack when it comes to pantograph quilting so you'll definitely want this handy reference before you start!

    All LeahDay.com Pantographs are folded, bagged, and shipped to you. They are not currently available as downloads.