Qnique Longarm Laser Light

Follow Pantographs Easily with the Qnique Laser Light!

The easiest way to trace patterns or pantographs when quilting is with the Q'nique Laser Stylus. Just place a pantograph on the back table of your longarm frame and follow along with the laser light as your guide.

Qnique Laser Light

Installation Note - installing the Qnique Laser Light bracket on your longarm will require removing the longarm from your frame and tilting it on its side. Always remove the encoder from the machine wheel before moving your longarm off the frame.

The laser is designed for maximum versatility and can be attached to the front or rear handles, or near the bottom of the quilting machine, between the wheels, with the included adapter bracket. Once attached, the laser can be rotated or positioned at any angle.

What do you need to quilt with Pantographs on your Qnique longarm?

Find the 3 things you need here:

Rear Handlebars Qnique Longarm

Rear Handlebars

Qnique Laser Light

Qnique Laser Light

Pantograph Quilting Designs


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Note: If you are using a home machine on your frame you will need the Gracie Laser Light.