Razzle Dazzle Decorative Threads


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Add glitter and bling to your quilts with Razzle Dazzle threads!

This thicker decorative thread is specially designed for couching, bobbin thread work, and hand embroidery. Use this chunky metallic thread to add a glittery sparkle to your quilts and sewing projects.

Choose from the following beautiful glittery colors:

Icicles - 88 yards of white glittery thread

Sterling Silver - 110 yards of bright silver metallic thread

Gold Nugget - 110 yards of crisp gold metallic thread.

Learn how to use Razzle Dazzle threads for bobbin thread work in this video with Leah Day:

Instructions for Bobbin Thread Work 

Wind a bobbin of Razzle Dazzle thread and place it in your bobbin case. For side-loading bobbins, you may need to adjust the tension dial to loosen the tension on the case slightly.

Thread the top of your machine with the thread you usually use for machine quilting. Leah uses Isacord Silky White to match with Icicles and Sterling Silver and Isacord Buttercup to match with Gold Nugget.

Use a practice quilt sandwich or scrap fabric to test the thread. You can use any form of machine quilting when doing bobbin thread work - walking foot quilting, free motion quilting, or ruler foot quilting. If you notice loops from the top threads showing up around the Razzle Dazzle increase your top tension by 1 number at a time.

Note: You will always see a bit of your top thread showing around the Razzle Dazzle thread because the top thread is basically looping down and around the bobbin thread to hold it in place. If you see eyelashes or the decorative thread pulling the top thread too hard, keep adjusting your top thread tension until this issue goes away.

When quilting a quilt, remember to flip it over and quilt from the wrong side so the glittery bobbin thread goes on the front.

Bobbin Thread Work Waterfall Bargello Quilt

Waterfall Bargello WorkshopLearn more about doing bobbin thread work with Leah Day in the Waterfall Bargello Workshop! Leah uses her walking foot to apply Sterling Silver Razzle Dazzle to the quilt to enhance the quilting design beautifully. Click Here to learn about this workshop.

Instructions for Couching - Couching is a fun technique you can use for all sorts of sewing projects. Couch the Razzle Dazzle threads to plain fabric, the surface of quilt blocks, or a finished quilt. You can even use couching to enhance finished projects like the edge of your shirt collars and cuffs.

To begin couching, thread the top and bobbin of your machine with a thread color that will blend in with the Razzle Dazzle color. You can use any type of thread (cotton, polyester, etc) in your machine for this stitching.

If you have a couching or braid foot, attach it to your machine and feed the tail of Razzle Dazzle through the little hole on the foot. If you're using a regular zigzag foot, try to position the needle to the far left or right so you know where to position the thread in relation to the foot.

Set your machine to do a narrow zigzag. Play with the settings on your machine on a scrap of fabric until you create a stitch that swings over the thread nicely. You want the needle to swing from left to right over the thicker Razzle Dazzle thread, encasing it and locking it tight to the fabric. 

Razzle Dazzle Thread Set couching

Add beautiful glitter and bling to your quilts with Razzle Dazzle threads in white, silver, and gold!