Red Snappers Longarm Clamps

Shipping Exclusion - Due to the weight of this tool, the Red Snappers longarm clamps only ships addresses within the US.

Red snapper longarm rods for basting

Red Snappers are a longarm clamp "snapping" system is for 10 foot quilt frames.  This durable, high quality plastic rods and clamps fit and snap to all three rollers. 

Red snappers eliminate the need for pinning to leader cloth as well as any form of basting so they truly are a dream come true!

In order to use Red Snappers, you will need to alter your longarm leader cloth to fit the tube. This takes around an hour to sew all your leader cloth, but it will save you hours with every quilt you load from now on!

Red Snapper longarm clamp

Video tutorial coming soon!

Quilt tops and backs are secured over the rod and the adjustable rods and clamps are snapped to hold the fabric in place.

This set is all you need to easily and efficiently load your quilt on your longarm frame.

Package includes:

  • 9 hollow rods
  • 6 long clamps
  • 6 medium clamps
  • 6 small 2" clamps
  • 6 dowel screws

Instructions for Installing the Red Snappers

Sew a 3/4" casing on the edge of each leader. Insert dowel screws into six of the hollow rods. Connect 3 rods by twisting the ends together.

Insert rods into the 3/4" casing on the edge of the leader and reattach the leader cloth to your frame rails.

Lay your backing fabric evenly across the canvas edge. Snap a 2" clamp in the center and outer edges to hold temporarily. Snap on the larger clamps, working from the center. Remove the 2" clamps when necessary. Attach quilt top and backing to each roller in the same way.