Supreme Slider

$ 35.90 $ 39.99

Make your quilts easier to slide over your machine with the Supreme Slider!

A Supreme Slider is a special polyester sheet designed to make your quilt easier move under your needle. The surface of the Supreme Slider is very slick and helps your quilts glide easily over the surface of your sewing machine, with less strain on your hands and arms.

The bottom side of the Supreme Slider grips your sewing machine without any sticky residue. Of course, the slider will work best if your machine is set up in a flatbed sewing table.

The Supreme Slider creates a slick sewing surface. Polyester mat with micro suction technology secures to sewing surface and sewing machine.
  • 8” X 11” removable mate with hole pre-cut for feed dogs
  • Slick teflon topside allows for easy fabric glide
  • Sticky bottomside secures to sewing machine and/or extension table
  • Can be trimmed down with scissors
  • Clean with warm water and air dry to revive

Note: It is highly advisable to tape down the corners of the Supreme Slider to your machine bed before using for the first time. This is a very delicate tool and until you get used to the feel of it on your machine, it can be very easy to stitch through it accidentally!

Optimize Your Quilting Experience

The Supreme Slider is also available in the Ultimate Quilting Kit.

This kit comes with three tools that can make quilting easier on your home machine. Save on the Supreme Slider, Machingers Quilting Gloves, and Magic Bobbin Washers in this ultimate kit!

Special note from Leah: The Supreme Slider has radically changed the way I free motion quilt. Not only are my stitches smoother, more even, and controlled, the wear and tear on my body from fighting the drag of a heavy quilt is also greatly reduced.