Ultimate Quilting Kit


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Are you struggling to free motion quilt on your home sewing machine?

You don't need a newer, bigger, or more expensive sewing machine, you just need better tools to make this craft easier to master.

Supreme sliderSupreme Slider - This polyester sheet gives you an ultra smooth surface to slide your quilt over. By reducing all the friction between the machine and the quilt, you will now be able to move the quilt much easier, and with far less strain on your arms, shoulders, and back.

Machingers quilting gloves | free motion quilting

Machingers Quilting Gloves - Get a grip! Machingers are lightweight nylon gloves with rubber tips that grip the surface of the quilt, allowing you to move it exactly where you want it to go. Students trying these gloves in class have often reported instantly feeling "in control" over their quilts.

magic bobbin washersMagic Bobbin Washers - Are you tired of your thread breaking constantly? These little Teflon washers pop inside your bobbin case (both top and side loading) and help the bobbin spin more evenly. Using these washers will help reduce minor tension issues, backlash, and birds nests from forming as you quilt.

Special note from Leah: When I started free motion quilting, I had only one tool: a set of Machingers gloves. From the very first time I tried them on, I noticed a huge difference in my control and comfort while quilting.

Many years later, while quilting The Duchess in 2008, I stumbled across a smooth quilting sheet and Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers. At the time I was struggling with constant thread breaks and a feeling that the large quilt was "stuck" in my little machine.

After only 5 minutes, I knew my investment in these tools was worth it. Not only did my thread stop breaking, I noticed minor tension issues I'd been struggling with had suddenly disappeared. The quilt was also far easier to move, even in the 5 inch harp I was working in!

The point of this story is simple: we use hundreds of tools to make piecing and applique easier: rotary cutters, rulers, templates, and pins. Shouldn't we make free motion quilting easier too?

Frequently asked questions about this kit:

Do the Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers work in top loading bobbins or side loading bobbin cases?

Yes! The washers work for all home sewing machines, no matter if your bobbin is top loading or side loading.

To use the washers just place them in your bobbin case, or drop them into the bobbin well, then place your bobbin on top and thread it just like normal.

My bobbin case has a spring in it. Can I use the bobbin washers?

Typically if your bobbin has a spring in it, it will not need a bobbin washer. If the spring ever falls out, however, that's when it's time to use a bobbin washer as it's usually very difficult to return the spring to the case properly.

What size gloves should I buy?

Click Here to download handy size chart right here. Print this page and line up your hand with the diagram to find your correct size. Make sure to select "print actual size" with no scaling or fitting to ensure the page prints to the correct size.