Leah Day's Class Schedule

Leah Day class schedule

Thank you for your interest in taking a class with me! I love teaching quilters online and in person how to machine quilt their own quilts. Quilting is definitely my passion and it's wonderful to be able to share this love with others.

Upcoming event in 2019:

Quilt Fantastic with Leah Day - June 22nd at the Meadowview Resort and Convention Center in Kingsport, TN.

Bob Bolton from the Sewing and Longarm Quilting Center and I are planning a fun quilting seminar!

Choose between the morning session on longarm quilting or the afternoon session on quilting on a home machine (or attend both seminars too). You'll learn more about ruler foot quilting, free motion quilting, and lots of ideas for quilting bed quilts, throw quilts, art quilts, and more!

Quilt Fantastic with Leah Day

Click Here to contact Bob for more details and to sign up to attend.

Stay tuned for details on this event! I'll update this page as soon as we have the details.

It's very rare for me to have a quilting event scheduled because I mostly teach online.

Online classes are a much better way to learn because you can work at your own pace,in your own home with your sewing machine nicely set up for quilting. Our online classes, we call them workshops, share all the information you need and there's never a time limit. You can watch the videos over and over as many times as you need.

Here's a list of all the quilting workshops we currently offer:

If you have a class idea that you would love for me to teach, please click here to contact us! I've taught a lot of classes and shared many techniques, but I know there's always more to learn and share.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day