Clover Flower Head Pins 100 Pack

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Baste quickly and easily with big, easy to handle flower pins!

These beautiful flower head pins from Clover are the perfect choice for basting your quilts with Pinmoors. The large plastic flowers are easy to grip when inserting into the quilt, and the 2 inch length is the perfect length for basting even thick, fluffy quilts.

Watch how Leah Day bastes her quilt blocks using these flower pins in this video:

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoorsClover Flower Pins are also available in the Baste Your Quilt Kit - Get both 100 pack of pins and 100 pack of Pinmoors - enough to baste a baby quilt!

Note from Leah Day - Not all flower head pins are made equally. I knew I wanted to use flower pins for basting because they're easier to grip and insert in the quilt, but finding a pack that worked was tough. Most of the cheaper brands I tried would fall apart after one quilt. The flower heads would pop right off, which got really annoying as time went on.

Finally I tried this set of Clover flower pins and haven't looked back! I've used my sets of pins to baste multiple quilts and found them very hard wearing. Yes, one or two flowers will pop off on occasion, but these are much more durable than the other brands I've tried.