Free Motion Quilting a Sampler DVD

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Learn basic free motion designs and raise your skill level by quilting a sampler quilt.

Your unfinished quilt tops are calling you! Become the confident quilter you long to be with this DVD. Whether you're working on an unfinished quilt top, or just practice blocks, you'll want to master the elegant and easy designs Leah's chosen to add depth and dimension to your quilts. Rookies, professionals and every quilter in between will appreciate Leah's intricate work, generous tips and empowering approach to making everybody a confident free-motion quilter.

free motion quilting a sampler

Along the way of learning the designs, Leah also shared all of her tips and tricks for mastering free motion quilting.

free motion quilting a sampler

This DVD includes 13 in-depth chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Basting
  • Basics & Supplies
  • Stitching in the Ditch
  • Stippling, Paisley, Spiral & Wandering Clover
  • Shells, Squares, Pine Needles & Pearls
  • Pebbling, Escargot, Square Spiral & Snake Paisley
  • Feathers
  • Spiral Chain
  • Desert Sand
  • Feather Fans
  • Finishing
  • Binding

Here's what one happy quilter had to say about this 13-hour long class:

The extent of my free motion quilting experience was stippling and straight lines. After taking Leah's class, I was trying many new designs with ease thanks to her concise instructions! If you ask a question, it is answered quickly. I didn't do the quilt that is done in the class, but I love how my daughter's quilt turned out using pebbling and paisleys! In addition, I also tried (and loved) Leah's pinning methods (making my own 'pin-moors') and purchased a Supreme Slider. The slider really does help you move the quilt a lot easier. I highly recommend this class to anyone considering trying their hand a FMQ!