Schmetz HL x 5 High Speed Machine Needles

$ 4.99 

Find the right needles for your Janome 1600 high speed machine!

This is a pack of 5 industrial sewing needles compatible with the Janome 1600p. These needles are specially made with chrome-plated flat back with a slightly rounded point.

Note - These needles are only compatible with the Janome 1600 machine.

Pick between two sizes:

90/14 - This is my favorite size for quilt piecing, applique, and machine quilting.

100/16 - This larger size is excellent for quilting through thicker fabric, fake fur, and thicker quilts. If you struggle with skipped stitches or broken threads with the 90/14, try the larger size needle to see if they work better.

Janome 1600 Leah Day