Machine Quilting with Leah

How to Machine Quilt River Path with a Walking Foot and FMQ

Learn how to machine quilt River Path with two types of machine quilting - walking foot quilting and free motion quilting. Discover how easy it can be to fill your quilts with beautiful curving texture with this beginner design!

Treadle Sewing Machine Update, Quilting Friends Podcast #63

I'm checking in this week with a little treadle sewing machine update and news from around the house as we go into the busy month of July.

How to Free Motion Quilt a Goddess's Face (without it looking weird!)

Learn how to quilt the Eternal Love Goddess Quilt with several beautiful free motion quilting designs. Watch as Leah Day walks you through quilting locks of hair and the goddess's face and body with designs that add nice texture without going weird!

How to Machine Quilt Wobbly Cosmos

Learn how to quilt Wobbly Cosmos in a fun machine quilting tutorial with Leah Day. Learn now to quilt this wiggly design first with walking foot quilting, then learn how to quilt it using free motion quilting!

Quilting Through Fear - Torrent of Fear Goddess Quilt by Leah Day

Learn how to quilt yourself out of fear with a new quilt story from Leah Day about Torrent of Fear. See how the quilt was constructed and find a fear exercise to help you work through the times you feel stuck in place by fear.

How to Finish the Edges of Fusible Applique - Eternal Love Quilt Along #3

Learn how to finish the edges of raw edge applique with a blanket stitch and zigzag stitch in a helpful quilting tutorial with Leah Day. See how Leah manages to stitch complex areas and very sharp points carefully on her home machine.

How to Quilt Matrix Maze with Walking Foot Quilting

Learn how to quilt Matrix Maze in this walking foot quilting tutorial with Leah Day. Also find a bonus video on how to free motion quilt this design as well!

Crocheting on Vacation and Learning Watercolor Painting, Episode 61

Hear the news about Leah's recent vacation and how freeform crochet is her favorite thing to do right now while editing Mally the Maker.

Make a Quilt with Fusible Applique - Eternal Love Quilt Along #2

Learn the basics of making a fusible applique quilt in this new quilting tutorial with Leah Day. Learn how to layer the fabrics and fusible web to create a beautiful goddess quilt.

My Cup Runnth Over - Gratitude Goddess Quilt by Leah Day

Learn how to quilt gratitude into your life and quilts with Leah Day. Read more about My Cup Runneth Over, a goddess quilt Leah made in 2010 to celebrate the abundance in her life.