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Grace Evolution Elite Frame - Maximize Your Quilting Space

$ 3,399.00 $ 4,299.95

Shipping Details

Free Shipping on this frame within the Continental US! Frames are shipped within 5-7 business days from Utah.

Please provide a physical street address (no P.O Boxes) as your order will ship via Fedex or UPS.

Frame Assembly

Setting up your quilting frame is a physical activity. Set aside 1-2 days to assemble your frame, and ask for help from a friend or family member when it comes time to lift anything heavy.

Repairs and Warranty

If you run into issues with your frame, please contact us and we'll troubleshoot the issue together.

I've worked with many quilters and have made detailed troubleshooting videos covering most beginner issues.

If a part actually breaks on your frame, we will ship you the replacement part free of charge for up to 3 years after your date of purchase.

The Grace Evolution Elite Frame is the most solidly built, intuitively designed rolling rail frame Grace Company has ever offered. Quilt your biggest quilts faster, with the most creative quilting designs by taking your quilting space to the max!

Evolution Elite Quilting Frame

Designed for Professional Longarmers, Priced for Hobby Quilters

The Evolution Elite Frame is built to professional standards with thick steel construction and reinforced rails. The new star shaped front rail and special Evolution quilt clips deliver the perfect amount of tension to your quilt layers.

This is also Grace Company's most customizable frame. Not only can you set up the Evolution Elite any size between 7 - 12 feet, you can also add extra rails like the Idler Rail and Batting Rail too.

The depth of the frame can also expand if you decide to change longarm machines in the future - start with your home sewing machine or a Qnique 16X longarm and expand to a Qnique 21X Elite anytime!

Grace Evolution Elite Frame Space Requirements

The Evolution Elite is a bigger, beefier frame, and will require a dedicated space set aside for its use. Use this chart to pick the correct size to fit your space:

Evolution Elite Quilting Frame Sizes

Leah's Advice on Picking Your Frame

It can be really tough to know which sized frame to buy, especially when you're first getting started with longarm quilting. My best advice is to go with the maximum size your quilting space allows. When I set up my first frame, I couldn't imagine ever needing a frame longer than 8 feet. Within 2 years I'd expanded my frame twice to reach 12 feet!

To get the best price on this frame, purchase a standard length: 8, 10, or 12 feet.

When we set up a 7, 9, and 11 foot frame, you will receive an Evolution Hoop Frame, Upgrade Kit, and Extension Kits to reach your desired size. These sizes are a bit more expensive for this reason.

What machines are compatible?

The Evolution Elite Frame can fit any home machine, Qnique Longarm, and you can use off-brand longarms like the Babylock Tiara too.

For the most quilting happiness, it is recommended that your home sewing machine has at least a 9 inch harp space. This will give you enough space to quilt creative designs on this frame.

* You can use non-Qnique sit-down style longarms like the Babylock Tiara or HandiQuilter Sweet 16 with this frame. Unfortunately these machines are not compatible with our stitch regulators so you must use the machine's foot pedal to control the speed.

Additional Elite Frame Accessories

Learn more about the different accessories you can add to your Evolution Elite Frame. Add these accessories above to create your dream frame!

Additional Rails and Extensions - You can expand your frame anytime as your quilting space changes. The maximum length of a Evolution Elite Frame is 12 feet.

Evolution Elite Idler and Batting Rails

Idler Rail - Reduce the time you spend fiddling with the frame between advances! This adds an additional back rail to your frame and allows the bulk of the quilt to build up in the arm of the machine, rather than against your machine bed. This rail will reduce your vertical quilting space by 1-2 inches, but the time saved with each advance is worth it!

Batting Rail - Store extra batting or backing fabric on this handy rail mounted to the front of your frame. 

Note - The Idler and Batting rails are interchangeable on the Evolution Elite Frame.

Let Your Frame Evolve with Your Quilting Skills

If the size or cost of the Evolution Elite Frame is beyond you at this time, consider beginning at the beginning with the Evolution Hoop Hybrid Frame.

This 5-foot frame has a much smaller footprint and is more affordable to beginning quilters. But unlike the Q-Zone Hoop Frame, the Evolution Hoop can be upgraded and expanded to become an Evolution Elite. Click Here to learn more.

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Yes! Upgrade and expand to any size between 7-12 feet.


Evolution Elite Frame | Quilting Frame for Home Machine and Longarm Machine

Grace Evolution Elite Frame - Maximize Your Quilting Space

From $ 3,399.00 $ 4,299.95
The Grace Evolution Elite Frame is the most solidly built, intuitively designed rolling rail frame Grace...


  • 8 Foot
  • 10 Foot
  • 12 Foot
  • 7 Foot
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