Q-Zone Hoop Frame

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The Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame is specifically designed for smaller spaces. If you have 4 1/2 feet, you can fit this quilting frame!

This Combo includes:

- Q-zone Hoop Frame
- Bungee Cords
- Channel Locks
- Front, Back, and Side Clamps 

New - If you plan to use your home sewing machine, make sure to check the box above YES to receive a Top Carriage which includes handlebars for your machine.

Learn how to set up your Q-Zone Hoop Frame in this video:

Compare Grace Company frames to pick the right one for you!

Frame Length Expandable? Compatible Machines Loading Style  Price MSRP
Cutie Frame 48 inches No Home machines & longarms up to 19 inches Hoop $1199.95
Q-Zone Hoop Frame 54 inches No Home machines & longarms up to 19 inches Hoop $1699.95
Evolution Hoop Frame 66 inches Yes, upgradeable to Evolution Elite (up to 12 feet) Home machines & longarms up to 24 inches Hoop and Rolling Rail (Hybrid) $2699.95
Continuum II Frame vailable in 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths.  Yes, up to 12 feet Home machines & longarms up to 21 inches Rolling Rail $2999.95
Evolution Elite Frame Available in 8, 10, and 12 foot lengths. Able to also be set up at 7, 9, and 11 feet too! Yes, up to 12 feet Home machines & longarms up to 24 inches Rolling Rail $4299.95

What machines are compatible?

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame can fit any home sewing machine, off-brand longarms (like the Babylock Tiara or HQ Sweet 16*) and the following Qnique Longarms:


Qnique 19X Elite

Qnique 19X

 Qnique 16X Elite

Qnique 16X

Qnique 16X Manual

For the most quilting happiness, it is recommended that your home sewing machine has at least a 7 inch harp space. This will give you enough space to quilt creative designs on this frame.

* You can use non-Qnique sit-down style longarms like the Babylock Tiara or HandiQuilter Sweet 16 with this frame. Unfortunately these machines are not compatible with our stitch regulators so you must use the machine's foot pedal to control the speed.

Now let's load this frame and get ready for quilting:

How Much Space Will You Have for Quilting with a Home Machine?

My Janome 1600 has a 9-inch harp space, but a few inches are lost with the space taken up by the back rail and rolled up quilt. When I began quilting my first quilt, I had around 5 1/2-inches of quiltable space per row.

This space will diminish as the quilt rolls up in the arm of the machine. By the end of a big project, I'll likely only have 3-4 inches of vertical quilting space.

Hoop Frame with Janome 1600 Machine

The limiting factor here was my home machine and the small harp space. It wasn't a lot of space to quilt in, and it certainly made for a lot of advances through the hoop, but it was still faster than quilting this baby quilt on my home machine, yes, even in a special sewing table!

How Big is the Q-Zone Hoop Frame?

Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame can be set up low to the ground so you can sit in a chair and quilt, or higher so you can stand and quilt. Because of the way this frame is designed, you can quilt any size of quilt on this frame by advancing it side to side.

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Sit Down

A Few More Q-Zone Features:

  • This frame can extend to work with a longarm machine with up to an 19" throat
  • Adjustable height legs so you can work sitting or standing
  • Space-saving size at only 54 inches wide!
  • Quilt queen, king, or larger quilts - you are not limited by the length of the frame.

If you're interested in quilting larger quilts quickly, but you don't have a lot of space for a traditional 3-bar quilt frame like the Continuum II, this Q-Zone hoop frame can be a good alternative. Most home machines can fit within the Top Plate Carriage, which includes the front and back handlebars so you can steer your machine just like a longarm!

UPDATE Sit Down Longarms Are Now Compatible!

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Extended Handles

You can now put popular sit-down longarms like the Babylock Tiara and HQ Sweet 16 on a Q-Zone Hoop Frame. You will need to purchase Extended Handlebars to fit your bigger machine.

Note: Because we do not have Speed Controllers for alternative brand sit down longarms, you will have to set up your Q-Zone Hoop Frame as a sit down frame and continue to use your foot pedal to operate your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to baste your quilt before attaching to the hoop?

In a way, yes. The three layers of your quilt (top, batting, and backing) have to be layered flat together and pinned across the top and bottom edges. The middle of the quilt does not need to be pinned like traditional quilt basting for quilting on a home machine, but the layers of the quilt do need to be evenly spread out and flat.

Please keep this in mind if space is a serious issue for you. You will still need the space to arrange the three layers of your quilt flat on a table or the floor, find the midpoints, and pin across the top and bottom edges of the batting and quilt top.

If you do not have the space or ability to spread the layers of your quilt flat, a better frame choice will be the Continuum II Quilting Frame or Evolution Elite Frame which allows you to roll the three layers of the quilt separately onto bars. 

I'm unable to stand for long periods of time. Is this the quilting frame for me?

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame has adjustable height legs so it can be lowered and you can quilt sitting down.

However, using a quilting frame is still a physical activity. You must stand in order to properly baste the layers of the quilt and position it properly over the frame. You will also need to be able to lift the quilt, set it on a table or the floor, and roll it up evenly to reach a new area to quilt.

If your goal is quilting king sized quilts on this hoop frame, please understand that is a physical activity no matter how your machine is set up, no matter what style of frame you are working on.

Helpful tools and accessories for your Q-Zone Hoop Frame and Grace Qnique 15R!

Speed Controller for Home Machines

Sure Stitch Regulator for Home Machines

Q-Zone Leader Cloth

Q-Zone Back Table Inserts

Qnique 16X Longarms

Grace Ruler Quilting Kit

Grace Ruler Quilting Kit

3 Piece Qnique Hopping Foot Set

Gracie Laser Light

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