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Free Quilt Patterns and Projects Designed by Leah Day

I love creating new quilt patterns, but sometimes I get bogged down with the details and start obsessing about how many pieces I can cut from a fat quarter. A few years ago I realized I needed to challenge my inner control freak and learn how to design and write quilt patterns quickly.

Click on the photos below to check out all of the free quilt patterns and tutorials we've shared so far:


Chakra wall hanging quilt
Quilt As You Go Chakra Wall Hanging quilt
Dresden Plate tutorial
How to piece Dresden Plate blocks
Wild flower quilt panel tutorial
Free motion quilting practice

quilted zippered pouch tutorial
Quilted zippered pouch pattern

Double stripe diamond quilt
Double stripe diamond quilt pattern
twisted squares rainbow road quilt
Rainbow Road twisted squares quilt
Double Irish chain quilt
Double Irish chain quilt
Disappearing nine patch quilt
Disappearing nine patch quilt pattern
sixty slice fat eighths quilt
Sixty Slice fat eighths quilt pattern
tumbling blocks free quilt pattern
Tumbling Blocks quilt pattern
heart medallion free quilt pattern
Heart Medallion Checkerboard quilt
Path in the Snow tutorial
Path in the Snow quilt block
Hexie echo quilt pattern
Hexie echos quilt pattern
wonky christmas tree quilt pattern
Wonky Christmas trees quilt pattern
Easy weave quilt pattern
Easy Weave quilt pattern
Basket weave quilt
Basket Weave beginner free quilt pattern
pumpkin quilt
Pumpkin quilted mug rug
Double basket weave easy free quilt pattern
Double basket weave free quilt pattern
Fussy cut quilted napkins
Fussy Cut napkin quilted tutorial
How to make your own bell bottoms
Bell bottoms pants tutorial
twin stars rainbow quilt pattern
Twin rainbow star quilt pattern
Chakra wall hanging quilt
Chakra wall hanging embroidery
Hokey pokey quilt pattern
Hokey pokey crazy piecing quilt
airplanes quilt pattern
Paper airplanes quilt pattern
Chain Beads quilt
Chain of Beads quilt pattern
quilted jacket free tutorial
Quilted jacket free tutoria
sashing splendor quilt pattern
Sashing Splendor quilt pattern

ocean flow embroidery table runner
Ocean flow embroidered table runner

looking glass tumbler quilt
Looking Glass tumbler easy quilt pattern
Color Wheel quilt
Color Wheel quilt pattern

quick and easy baby quilt
Fast easy all over quilting tutorial

Soft Edges quilt pattern
Wild flower quilt panel tutorial
Wild flowers with flying geese tutorial
Sun eclipse quilt pattern
Total Eclipse quilt

diamond path table runner
Diamond path table runner

how to make a t shirt quilt
Easy t shirt quilt tutorial

Some of the patterns above are not Quilty Box challenge patterns, but fun projects I stitched and shared for fun. Many are created with our very own embroidery designs. Click Here to check out my embroidery design collections!

All of the free patterns shared here can be printed and shared as many times as you like. Yes, you can even teach classes using these quilt patterns to help spread your love of quilting with others.

The Twin Rainbow Stars quilt makes an especially great pattern for charity baby quilts because you make two small quilts at the same time.

Click Here to find my new Free Quilt Pattern Blog with even more fun quilt patterns to make!

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