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Cutie Tabletop Quilting Frame - Collapses for Easy Storage

$ 589.00 $ 1,199.95

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Free Shipping on this frame within the Continental US! Frames are shipped within 5-7 business days from Utah.

Please provide a physical street address (no P.O Boxes) as your order will ship via Fedex or UPS.

Frame Assembly

Setting up your quilting frame is a physical activity. Set aside 1-2 days to assemble your frame, and ask for help from a friend or family member when it comes time to lift anything heavy.

Repairs and Warranty

If you run into issues with your frame, please contact us and we'll troubleshoot the issue together.

I've worked with many quilters and have made detailed troubleshooting videos covering most beginner issues.

If a part actually breaks on your frame, we will ship you the replacement part free of charge for up to 3 years after your date of purchase.


The Cutie Tabletop Quilting Frame is our smallest quilting frame designed to fit home machines and longarms. This collapsible frame is designed for you to set it up, quilt your project, then put it away in a closet or under your bed when you're done.

Do you have space for the Cutie Tabletop Frame?

Measure and double check!

Cutie Frame Size

Learn more about the Cutie Frame

The Cutie Tabletop Quilting Frame is designed to work with home machines and longarms and take up the smallest space possible in your home.

This frame is special because it's collapsible and design to fit on any sturdy flat surface, like a sewing table, kitchen/dining table, countertop, or folding table for easy access to quilting anywhere.

Here is a frame you can pull out when you need it, move your machine in place, and quilt your project quickly. You could even take your Cutie on vacation!

Qnique 19X Longarm on Cutie Frame

What is the biggest quilt you can quilt on this frame?

No limit! Just like the Q-Zone Hoop Frame and Evolution Hoop Frame, you can quilt a king-sized quilt on the Cutie Frame.

This frame works like a traditional hand quilting lap hoop - you clamp a section in the frame, quilt that area, then shift the quilt over and clamp a new space.

Because of the way it's designed, there is no limit for the size or shape of the quilt you use with this frame. You can advance the quilt side-to-side and forward, rolling the quilt and securing it with elastic straps and clips to manage the bulk.

Cutie Frame Additional Accessories

Cutie Frames have lots of additional accessories you can add for more quilting fun! Choose from the following accessories to get the most from your frame:

Cutie Handles Above Carriage Upgrade - Upgrade your Cutie Frame with a new bottom and top carriage that has handlebars above your quilt. This will allow you to skip rolling and clamping the quilt to the front rail, saving you time with every quilt you load and advance!

Hoop Frame Leader Cloth - This pack of leader cloth includes top, bottom and side pieces to help you load your Cutie Frame quicker and roll the quilt faster too. This also reduces the amount of backing fabric you’ll need for every quilt you make!

Bungee Clamps - this set of 4 bungee cords are designed to add side tension to your quilt. This is especially useful when quilting along the edges of your quilts or on narrow projects.

Channel Locks - These are special locks that go on the carriage wheels that lock the machine so it can only roll horizontal or vertical. This is super useful especially when quilting with pantographs.

Frame Legs - Don't have a good table to fit your Cutie? You can add legs to your frame with this leg kit!

Luminess Light Bar - If you're struggling to see your stitches, this lightbar will definitely help. The 5 foot width can fit around a table or desk and perfectly illuminate your quilting or crafting space.

Speed Controller - If your foot pedal cord is less than 4 feet long, you may have challenges quilting with that machine on your Cutie. Check and see if your machine is on the compatibility list for our Speed Controller!

Sure Stitch Regulator - If you'd like to take the practice (and hair pulling) out of learning how to keep your stitches a consistent size, this Sure Stitch Regulator is for you! Make sure your machine is on the compatibility list before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cutie Frame

What machines are compatible?

The Cutie can fit any home sewing machine, off-brand longarms (like the Babylock Tiara or HQ Sweet 16*) and the following Qnique Longarms:

For the most quilting happiness, it is recommended that your home sewing machine has at least a 7 inch harp space. This will give you enough space to quilt creative designs on this frame.

* You can use non-Qnique sit-down style longarms like the Babylock Tiara or HandiQuilter Sweet 16 with this frame. Unfortunately these machines are not compatible with our stitch regulators so you must use the machine's foot pedal to control the speed.

Do you have to baste your quilt before attaching to the hoop?

Yes. The three layers of your quilt (top, batting, and backing) have to be layered flat together and pinned across the top and bottom edges. The middle of the quilt does not need to be pinned like traditional quilt basting for quilting on a home machine, but the layers of the quilt do need to be evenly spread out and flat.

Please keep this in mind if space is a serious issue for you. You will still need the space to arrange the three layers of your quilt flat on a table or the floor, find the midpoints, and pin across the top and bottom edges of the batting and quilt top. I do this by pinning on a wall!

Baste Your Quilt on a Wall Cutie Frame

If you do not have the ability to spread the layers of your quilt flat, a better frame choice will be the Evolution Elite Frame which allows you to baste the quilt directly on the frame.

How much work will it be to master quilting on this frame?

This really depends on your current quilting skill level. If you have no experience with free motion quilting and plan to use a home sewing machine with no stitch regulator, you will need to practice in order to find the right speed / movement to quilt pretty stitches.

This is the normal practice and troubleshooting process for free motion quilting on a stationary home machine. Quilting on a Cutie changes the movement (machine moving over the quilt instead of quilt moving under the needle), but you will still need time, patience and practice to create consistent sized stitches and pretty designs.

Do you have more questions about the Cutie Tabletop Frame? Contact us and get your questions answered today!


  • Minimum Frame Size
    33 x 48 inches
  • Maximum Frame Size
    38 x 48 inches
  • Adjustable Height
    Rails adjust between 8.25 - 11.75 inches high to accommodate any machine.
  • Expandable


  • MSRP

What's Included?

The Cutie Frame comes with:

  • Cutie Tabletop Frame
  • Bottom and Top carriage to hold your machine
  • Front, back, and side clamps
  • Front / Back handlebars - move the bars to quilt from either side of the frame

Monthly Sale

The Qnique 19X longarm is being discontinued to make room for new quilting machines. Take advantage of this amazing price for a 19-inch longarm while supplies last!

Regular price: $7299.95        Blow Out Sale Price: $4499.00

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Yes! Upgrade and expand to any size between 7-12 feet.


Cutie Frame | Quilting Frame for Home Machine

Cutie Tabletop Quilting Frame - Collapses for Easy Storage

$ 589.00 $ 1,199.95
The Cutie Tabletop Quilting Frame is our smallest quilting frame designed to fit home machines and...
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