Affordable Sewing Machine Table

Make sewing and quilting infinitely easier with a flatbed sewing table!

NOTE - Custom cut inserts may take as long as 6 weeks to cut and ship

If you're looking for an affordable sewing and quilting table, you've come to the right place. This small, sturdy table offers many features quilters are looking for at a great price.

  • Flatbed sewing / quilting surface makes sewing and quilting SO much easier!
  • Easy adjustable flatbed ensures any machine will sit flush with the table top.
  • Super large cut out accommodates all home sewing machines, even the Bernina 830 and Janome Horizon.

Free Shipping! Both table and custom cut insert ship to you for FREE!

Affordable Sewing Table | Flatbed Sewing Table

*** Please Read! Affordable Sewing Table Ordering Instructions***

1. This Affordable Sewing Table ONLY ships within the continental US to physical addresses (no PO boxes). We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. No Exceptions.

2. This table comes with ONE Custom Cut Insert that is cut and shipped separately.

3. Make sure to type the make and model number for your machines in the indicated text field. Click Here to purchase additional Custom Cut Inserts.

NOTE - Custom cut inserts now take 6 weeks to cut and ship

Learn more about the Affordable Sewing Table in this video with Leah Day

Enjoy sewing and quilting with your machine on a flush surface with the table top!

Affordable Sewing Table | Flatbed Sewing Table

This table comes with a custom cut insert to fill in the gaps between the cut out and your machine. Do you have more than one machine? Purchase two inserts so you can switch out your machines anytime!

This machine has great features for quilters on the go:

  • Rubber wheels for easy transport to workshops.
  • Sturdy construction that lasts the test of time (Leah has been using this table for 5 years!)
  • Small table size will fit into any space, or can be expanded easily with folding tables to create a larger surface.

Table Specifications:

Table Size: 20" x 40.25"

Table Height: 28" (non-adjustable legs)

Machine cut out / flatbed dimensions: 12.5" x 23.5"

Total weight of table is 30 pounds and can support a machine up to 45 pounds

Shipping Note - After placing your order, the affordable sewing table will ship within 3-5 business days. Please note we cannot ship to PO boxes as the tables and inserts ship via Fedex. We will need a street address.

Your insert will be custom cut to fit your machine, which can take 2-3 weeks. Expect your insert to arrive within 4 weeks of your order.

International Note - This table and custom insert is only available for customers in the continental US. We cannot ship this product internationally or to temporary addresses in the US. No exceptions.

Return Note - Due to the weight and custom nature of this product, the Affordable Sewing Tables and Custom Cut Inserts are not returnable. Please be sure of your purchase before you order.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Affordable Sewing Table

I have a huge embroidery machine. Will this table work for my machine?

Check the size of the table opening first - 13.25" x 24.5" and measure your machine. If it fits within that size with at least 2 inches to spare, chances are we can cut an insert for your machine.

However, you probably won't be able to run your embroidery unit with the machine in the table. Embroidery machines are actually better suited to sit up on top of a table surface because the embroidery module and hoops are designed to have free range of movement in all directions.

I live outside the US, but I have a friend / aunt / sister / cousin in the states. Can I order the table and have it sent to that person?

The easiest answer to this question is no. We've had enough experience shipping tables and inserts in the past to know that any number of issues can arise from this scenario.

My table has arrived. Where is my insert?

Your table will be shipped immediately after your order. Inserts are custom cut and take a bit longer to prepare. Your insert will arrive within 7 weeks from the date of your order. Exact dates or shipping time is not available.

My insert has arrived, but it's white. Why isn't it clear like it's shown in the picture?

All inserts are shipped with a protective film on both sides to prevent the clear acrylic from being scratched. Simply peel off this covering on both sides to expose the clear insert.

My table has a side loading bobbin. Will I be able to change the bobbin with the machine in the table?

Yes. Leah also has a Bernina 1230 placed in an affordable sewing table, which has a side loading bobbin in the front. To change the bobbin, Leah nudges the insert up a bit with her knuckles to open the little door on the front of the machine and access the bobbin area.