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Quilters Creative Touch Gold Card Access Tutorials

Written by: Leah Day



Time to read 8 min

Ready to learn more about Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Card Access level? In this quilting tutorial, we will dive deep into the different Gold Card features and tools and how to get the most from this computerized quilting software.

Concepts you will learn from this post:

  1. Gold Card requirements for your QCT quilting software.
  2. Overview of all tools added with QCT Gold Card.
  3. How to use Pattern Eclipse and Multi-Pattern Placement

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What is Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Card Access?

Gold Card is the highest level of Quilter's Creative Touch computerized quilting software. This level unlocks unique quilting tools, new quilting designs to download each month, and a variety of time saving features.

In order to access Gold Card features, you must have:

  1. QCT PRO level software
  2. Purchase a Gold Card
  3. Activate the Gold Card subscription within QCT

Gold Card Access is a 1 year (365 day) subscription. When the time runs out, your QCT software will automatically revert to QCT PRO level.

For this reason, make sure to only activate your first Gold Card when you are:

  1. Ready to use these advanced features daily.
  2. Have time to spend learning and experimenting with these tools and designs.
  3. Have mental and emotion clarity to cope with new concepts and quilting techniques.

Ready to dive in? Let's learn more about Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Card features!

Quilters Creative Touch Gold Card Tutorials

QCT Gold Card Features and Tools

  1. Borders and Corners - Easily plan and quilt unique border designs that exactly fit your quilt.
  2. Corner Maker - Don't have a corner design to match a pretty border? No problem! Use this tool to create a matching corner design to fit your border.
  3. Font Stitcher - Convert written words in special fonts into quilting designs.
  4. Advanced PantoStacker - Get ultimate control over your pantograph designs and placement methods.

  1. Gold Card Patterns - Download new quilting designs provided by Grace Company (and me!) each month.
  2. Pattern eClipse - Clip away the quilting design around blocks, appliques, or other lines of quilting.
  3. Multi-Pattern Placement - Place multiple designs into blocks and the machine will quilt them all in one go!

Expand Your Computerized Quilting Design Collection

Gold Card Tutorial - Pattern Eclipse

Pattern eClipse is one of the most powerful tools within QCT Gold Card access. This allows you to clip out designs to perfectly fit within an irregular space on your quilt.

Using the lower level QCT Plus, you can use Select & Sew to place square designs into blocks and sashing, rotate to fit the design on-point, and accurately place triangles.

Pattern eClipse goes a step further, allowing you to place and stitch designs around appliques, curves, other designs, and more. If you can outline the shape you want the design to stay within or without, you can use Pattern eClipse to help you quilt it perfectly.

The Pattern eClipse tool can be found within the Plug-ins menu on the Quilting Interface Screen. This means you'll first need to place your design on the quilt, then click "Quilt," then launch the Pattern eClipse engine to clip away the parts of the design you don't want to stitch.

For the Yellow Daisies and Green Squares quilt, I used Pattern eClipse to clip out the feather and spiral block designs around the yellow daisies.

I also used this technique in the sashing. If your QCT is updated to 6.00.60, you'll find a new Leah Day folder within the Patterns folder. Select the "Candy Sashing" design and resize the height to 1.75, then place it within any 2 inch sashing space to create a beautiful effect.

Clip out the design around the daisy shapes and previous Candy Sashing designs to create this amazing effect!

QCT Gold Card Pattern Eclipse Tutorial
QCT Pattern Eclipse Plugin Screen

We clip out the design by creating regions, then telling the software to either:

  1. Keep In - This means the clip region is outlining the space inside which the design is contained. If we are quilting a donut, you would use "keep in" to quilt a design inside the donut hole.
  2. Keep Out - This means the clip region will cut off the design and stop it from flowing into a space. If we were quilting a donut, this would stop the machine from quilting over the donut itself. This is very useful when background quilting and you want the design to not flow over your block or applique.

The more accurate you place the marks for the region, the more accurate your clipping will be. Sometimes Pattern eClipse will quilt over the clipped marks, which may mean travel stitching on quilting lines, edge stitching around appliques or stitching in the ditch. For this reason, you should always take your time with Pattern Eclipse and slowly create your clip regions with precision.

You also have a choice of selections:

  1. Sew Continuous - This means the clipper engine will clip your design, but try to keep the lines continuous to minimize thread breaks.
  2. Sew eClipse Border - With this selected, the clip region you create will be stitched on your quilt in addition to the design.

Play with these settings - you can turn them all on, or all off, and click "Apply" and "Preview" to see the effect. You may not see much difference in the quilting, or you may see a dramatic difference depending on the algorithm.

Note - if you really dislike what Pattern eClipse is giving you, click "Cancel" and return to the sew screen, then go back into Pattern Eclipse again (Plugins > Pattern Eclipse). Your clipped regions are saved within this screen and you may find the quilting path has improved. 

Because of the algorithm creating it, it's virtually impossible to recreate a clipped design exactly. If your QCT program shuts down while you are quilting, you can recover your last design by clicking "Plugins > +Recover."

QCT Pattern Eclipse Screen

Video 1 - Pattern eClipse & Multi-Pattern Placement

In this video, we're using Pattern eClipse and Multi-Pattern Placement to quilt the sashing spaces of a quilt panel. By using both Gold Card features, you'll save time placing, clipping and quilting your designs. Video will be added on July 8th, 2024.

Gold Card Feature - Multi-Pattern Placement

Multi-Pattern Placement is a Gold Card feature that will significantly speed up the process of placing and quilting individual designs on your quilt.

With lower levels of the software, you must place and stitch one quilt block design at a time. This is time consuming and tedious.

With Multi-Pattern Placement, you can place all of the blocks that will fit within your quiltable space, then quilt them in the order they were placed.

Will the designs be continuous? - Probably not. Quilt block designs can have various starting points and for this reason, there's no guarantee your design ends will line up to connect from block to block.

Even if you do have thread breaks between each design, Multi-Pattern Placement will still be a time saver. You can focus on the quilt while placing all of the designs, then work on another project while they are quilted.

And yes, with practice, and with some designs, you could potentially place blocks, then marks to connect the designs into a continuous line. The more you understand the nuances of this computerized quilting software, the more you can do with it.

Tips for Precise Pattern Placement with QCT Gold Card

Your computerized quilting designs will only ever be as good as your placement. Here are some tips to help you place your designs accurately on your quilt top:

  1. Place Designs within the Space - Do you want a little space between the edges of the block and the quilting design? How much space would you like to leave open? Leaving 1/4-inch gap around the seamlines ensures the design will fill the area nicely without overflowing into another space.
  2. Stand Up Straight - What does your posture have to do with anything? If you lean on the rails of your frame while placing, you could be moving the quilting frame slightly. When you stand up straight, the rail will go back to normal position, and change the location of the quilt, and thus, the quilting design you just painstakingly placed.
  3. Clear Off the Quilt - Just like leaning on your frame rails, resting a phone, ruler, or scissors on the quilt top can alter the placement of the designs if you were to move these objects off your quilt.  To ensure nothing changes between placement and quilting, keep the quilt free of clutter.
  4. Have Plenty of Time - It may take 30-60 minutes to place 5 block designs with Multi-Pattern Placement and clip out with Pattern eClipse. Don't allow yourself to be interrupted or distracted before the design can fully stitch out. Give yourself plenty of time when quilting with these QCT Gold Card features.


Your journey to quilting fabulous designs with QCT Gold Card has just begun! What features and tools would you be interested in learning more about? Click Here to contact us and let me know if you'd like to see a detailed video on another QCT Gold Card feature. To wrap up, so far you've learned:

The requirements for upgrading to Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Card Access and how long this subscription lasts.

How to use Pattern eClipse to clip out a design to perfectly fit in the sashing of your quilt around other designs and appliques.

Tips for using the Multi-Pattern Placement feature effectively on your quilts.

If you're needing to pick up a new QCT Gold Card, Click Here to find them in our store.

Leah Day Computer Quilting Teacher

The Author: Leah Day

Leah Day began teaching machine quilting online in 2009 on the Free Motion Quilting Project blog. Having never met a machine she didn't like or couldn't quilt with, Leah loves helping quilters learn to quilt their own quilts. Now a Grace Company Dealer, Leah is dedicated to teaching her quilting customers how to get the most from their quilting systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a QCT Gold Card Subscription last?

When you activate a Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Card, your subscription will last 365 days.

What level of QCT do I need to use a Gold Card?

You must have QCT PRO level in order to activate a Gold Card. Your subscription will not be activated with QCT 6 or QCT 6 Plus.

How do I activate a Gold Card?

Launch QCT and click on "Help" then scroll down to "Software Management." 

Can I try these Gold Card Features temporarily?

Yes! You can try higher levels of the software in Demo Mode for a temporary time. From the home screen, look in the lower right hand corner for "Try other Software Tiers" to try out Gold Card features.

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