Ms. Bunny Doll Sewing Pattern

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Save $5 on this pattern in March! Ms. Bunny is a wonderful character from the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt. She's loyal, kind, and tries her best to keep Mally out of trouble.

Ms. Bunny doll sewing pattern

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Bunny doll sewing pattern

A finished Ms. Bunny measures 16 inches from her head to her feet. She's a cute small size with delicate limbs, perfect for little girls who love to play dress up!

Now you can create your own Ms. Bunny doll, complete with her pink calico dress and white heart-shaped buttons! This sewing pattern includes full sized pattern pieces and helpful instructions for piecing Ms. Bunny, her basic dress, and panties.

Ms. Bunny Sewing Pattern Dress and Panties

Would you like more clothes to fit Ms. Bunny? Check out the Mally Doll pattern which includes a pattern for T-shirt and pants with working pockets!

Mally Girl Doll Sewing Pattern

The Ms. Bunny Doll pattern is written for Intermediate sewists. It includes helpful instructions on piecing the doll step-by-step, gathering the skirt, inserting elastic, and three closure options for the dress.

Materials list

1/2-yard light brown fabric for Ms. Bunny body
1/2-yard pink or floral printed fabric for dress and panties
1-yard of 1/2-inch wide white crocheted lace
3 decorative heart shaped buttons (optional)
1/2-inch wide Velcro OR 3 sew-on snaps OR 3 small buttons
1/2-yard of 1/4-inch wide elastic
Light pink embroidery floss for mouth
Black embroidery floss OR two doll safety eyes
Cotton piecing thread to match fabric color
Polyester Fiberfill
Chopstick for filling the doll
Hand sewing needles, embroidery needle, tapestry needle
Fabric marking pen or pencil
Basic sewing supplies including a patchwork foot and zigzag foot

Special Note from Leah Day: Ms. Bunny is based on a real rabbit doll I was given for Christmas in 1987. That doll immediately became my best friend, the stuffed toy I couldn't fall asleep without.

Unfortunately I lost the original Ms. Bunny on a camping trip when I was around 7 years old. That loss was devastating, but I'm so happy to have been able to bring her back to life in the story of Mally the Maker and give her an amazing, adventurous life.

Designing this pattern was also an adventure as I was trying to recreate a doll I hadn't held in 25 years. I absolutely love how this turned out and how much I learned about doll and dress making along the way. I hope you make many Ms. Bunny dolls and share them with all the children in your life.

Learn how to sew your own Ms. Bunny doll in this sewing tutorial:

Is that quilt in the background catching your eye? That's the Illusion Mosaic Quilt! Click Here to find the pattern.

Make More Makers

You never know when something as simple as a handmade doll or quilt or an inspiring story will lead a child to try sewing or quilting later in life. Please make this Ms. Bunny doll as many times as you like. You have my express permission to sell the dolls and dresses anywhere you see fit.

If you wish to make a production volume of dolls (500 or more) please contact us and we may just wholesale them from you!

Here's two of my first Ms. Bunny dolls:

Ms. Bunny doll pattern | rabbit doll sewing pattern

Meet Laurel C.'s Miss Bunny, named Mrs. Maisel!

Mrs. Maisel

Nancy P. shared her Ms. Bunny dolls too! I love the look of the doll made with the leaf printed fabric!

Ms. Bunny handmade doll pattern

And here's Pat K.'s awesome pair of Ms. Bunnies for her granddaughters!

Bunny doll sewing pattern

And here is Mary K.'s Miss Bunny:

Leah Day Miss Bunny stufed doll