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Grace Company's Space Saving Hoop Frames

Learn more about Grace Company's popular Hoop Frames, specially designed for quilters with limited space who want quilting to feel faster and easier. This style of quilting frame has become very popular thanks to the Cutie Quilting Frame Grace Company launched a few years ago.

We now have a new and improved Cutie Breeze Quilting Frame, which is our most affordable hoop frame with terrific features! 

These are specially designed quilting frames for sewing machines so you can get the benefits of frame quilting without investing in a longarm machine. You can use these long arm quilting frames with your current home sewing machine or table mounted longarm.

All of these frames for quilting are also compatible with the new Little Rebel longarm sewing machine! This new sewing machine has a 13-inch harp which gives you plenty of room for creative quilting on a frame.

These space saving hoop frames are also compatible with Grace Company's Qnique Longarm Machines. Our biggest longarm, the Qnique 21X Elite is a great pair with the Evolution Hoop Frame. This long arm quilting frame is actually a hybrid frame - it can switch between rolling rail and hooping styles to give you the greatest flexibility when quilting your quilts!

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