Magic Bobbin Washers 12 Pack

$ 10.95 

Wouldn't it be nice if your bobbin thread could feed
as smoothly and evenly as your top thread?

Now available for Longarms as Mega Genies!
(fits Size M bobbin)

Now it can! Magic Bobbin Washers are small Teflon washers sit inside your bobbin case and help your bobbin thread glide smoothly and evenly while you quilt.

magic bobbin washersHere's how it works: Within the bobbin case of most machines, there's a little extra space around the bobbin that lets it rattle around just a bit too much. Bobbin washers fill in this extra space, making the bobbin feed more evenly and consistently as it spins.

How your bobbin spins is extremely important because sometimes a quick jerk of thread will cause the bobbin thread to spin so fast it spins backwards. This is called backlash and it usually results in a nasty knot of thread on the back of your quilt.

By filling in the extra space within the bobbin case, backlash can be almost entirely eliminated by using bobbin washers!

These magic bobbin washers are very easy to use. Just drop a washer into your bobbin case and replace the bobbin and insert it into your machine just like normal. One washer can easily last over a year, and each pack comes with twelve washers--making them perfect to share with friends.

Bobbin washers work in both top loading and side loading bobbin cases. You do not need to remove the washer for piecing or applique as they can help your thread feed more smoothly for all types of machine work.

Available for both home machines as Little Genies AND longarms as Mega Genies.

Ultimate Quilting KitKit it and Save! Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers can also be found in the Ultimate Quilting Kit and the Queen Supreme Kit so you can save money on multiple machine quilting tools at once! Please note only the little genies which fit home machines can be kitted.

Special note from Leah: I started using bobbin washers in 2009 and now have them in every machine I own, all the time. As soon as I began using this little tool, I noticed a change in my stitch quality. The backs of my quilts began looking just as good as the front, with balanced tension, no eyelashes, and much fewer thread breaks.

I've also seen a real difference in the number of birds nests, or big globby knots, that come from backlash. It's so annoying to have to stop and rip out those noticeable thread issues, so bobbin washers are one of my favorite tools because they allow me to spend more time quilting and almost no time ripping.