True Grips for Templates and Rulers

Stop your rulers and templates from slipping with True Grips! This pack of 15 circular grips will stop your rulers from slipping while you cut and machine quilt. 

Cutting Fabric with Large Rulers - Attach the larger donut shaped True Grip to the back corners of your large rulers. The grippy surface will stick lightly to your fabric so your ruler never slips as you cut your fabric.

True Grips on TemplatesTemplate Cutting - Attach a small True Grip dot to the corners and center of your templates. Even the small dots have a big grip and will stop the small templates from slipping and wasting your fabric with bad cuts.

Ruler Work Quilting - Stick True Grips to the back corners and center of your machine quilting rulers so they stay in place and don't shift as you quilt. The rubbery surface will grip the fabric lightly so you can easily position the ruler and quilt without worrying about the ruler slipping off your quilt.

This set comes with 15 large donut shaped grips, 15 small dot grips, and you can cut up the background to make diamond shaped grips as well!