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Dingo Craft Storage Cabinet & Fold Out Fabric Cutting Table

$ 1,599.00 $ 2,199.00

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Check out the Dingo - a craft cabinet with fold out table that will get your craft room sew organized! This craft storage cabinet features:

  • 9 soft closing drawers to organize sewing, crafting, or quilting supplies.
  • Lockable doors to keep your sharp tools safe.
  • Heavy duty casters so you can move your cabinet anytime.
  • Optional cutting mat to make it the perfect fabric cutting table.

Craft Storage Cabinet | Fabric Cutting Table

Get the best of both worlds with a craft cabinet with table designed for small space storage and a sturdy craft table! There are many craft cabinets, but the Dingo combines the best craft supply storage and sewing cut table.

Why is the Dingo the Best Craft Table?

This craft organizer cabinet offers the three things crafters, sewists, quilters, and artists need most:

  • Storage space
  • A large, sturdy work surface
  • The ability to push it out of the way when needed!

This heavy duty crafting cabinet measures 46 inches wide x 21 inches deep x 35 inches high when closed. This is small enough to tuck on the side of your craft room or use as a buffet table in your dining room.

Craft Storage Cabinet | Locking Cabinet

But don't let the closed cabinet size fool you. The Dingo craft cabinet has a fold out table that expands to form a 46 x 40 inch table top. If you're looking for a cutting table for sewing, make sure to add the optional cutting mat for sewing too.

One of the best features of this craft room storage cabinet is the heavy metal casters. See how nicely this cabinet rolls on thick carpet in this short video: 

I have my Little Rebel and Cutie Breeze Frame set on top of the Dingo Craft Storage Cabinet. The storage within the cabinet is perfect for holding all of the quilting gear from two frames and two machines in one room.

The lockable cabinet wheels allow you to easily push the Dingo to the corner of your craft room or sewing space when needed. If you want a flexible craft room, this is the storage cabinet for you.

Craft Cabinet Storage for Your Art and Craft Supplies

The Dingo craft storage cabinet with table features 9 drawers in the following sizes:

7 small drawers with an INSIDE measurement of 19 5/8" wide x 15" deep x 3 1/4" tall. With more than 1 inch of space between the drawers I could easily store notions up to 4 1/2 inches tall.

Many arts and crafts cabinets are designed with drawers that are too short and require storing your paints, thread, and ribbon on their side. The Dingo is the best sewing organizer because these small drawers are not too small.

1 medium sized drawer with the same width and depth, but 7 1/8" tall. designed to hold craft supplies up to 8 inches tall.

1 large drawer measuring 12 1/4 inches tall designed to hold a king sized batting with room to spare.

Not all craft storage drawers are made equal. The most annoying problem with Ikea craft cabinets is not being able to access the back 4-6 inches of the drawers. The Dingo features drawers designed to fully open, so only the back 1 inch of the drawer is in shadow. Everything in this craft storage cabinet will be accessible because you can fully open all the drawers!

The drawers in the Dingo craft cabinet also feature soft-closing technology. Push the drawer and it will close on it's own, soft and quiet.

The Dingo Locking Cabinet Makes Craft Storage Safe

My favorite part about this craft cabinet organizer is these drawers can be locked. My curious baby girl, Betty, has made this a necessity. I love to have her in my sewing room, but couldn't turn my back with regular craft storage cabinets.

I used Artbin storage cubes in my sewing studio for years, but this crafts cabinet system didn't work with Betty. At only a year old, she could easily pull out the super satchel bins from the cubes. When filled with fabric, these can be quite heavy and could have easily hurt her.

With the lockable doors on the Dingo sewing and cutting table, I'm able to secure the locking cabinet doors. Betty can play on the floor safely and we're both happy.

Transform Your Abilities with a Dedicated Sewing Cutting Table

Using self healing sew cutting mat will change the way you cut out sewing patterns and quilts. Just spread out your pattern and using a rotary cutter cut your fabric as easy as cutting a pizza.

Are you still cutting out sewing patterns with scissors? Have you only ever used a small, portable cutting mat for quilting? You'll be amazed at how much easier and faster you will cut fabric with a large self healing cutting mat.

Make sure to add the optional cutting mat to your Dingo craft storage cabinet with fold out table. Because of the way the fold out section of the table is supported, you'll be able to cut from any side of this cabinet.

Don't waste money on expensive rotating cutting mats for quilting. Walk around your cabinet and cut from any angle on your sewing cutting mat instead!

How Does the Dingo Compare with the Dreambox Craft Cabinet?

Arrow Sewing Cabinets Dingo is a very different style of craft room furniture from the Dreambox craft storage cabinet. Both are excellent for sewing room organization. If you have full height ceilings and enjoy small scale paper crafts, the Dreambox may be the better craft supply storage cabinet for you.

The Dreambox is designed to hold small craft supplies efficiently and provide a small fold out table for crafting. Clear boxes and bins and bright lighting allow you to see where all your arts and crafts supplies are located. The vertical storage in a Dreambox will likely hold more small items than a Dingo quilting cutting table.

Three things make the Dingo my choice for craft storage:

  1. Size of the craft table - I'm primarily a quilter and need a large work surface for fabric cutting.
  2. Locking cabinet doors - Safe, secure storage is a must-have!
  3. Bigger drawers - The Dreambox storage is designed for smaller items. I need taller drawers for my sewing and quilting supplies.

Which Craft Table is Best?

The main difference in these fold out craft storage cabinets is the craft table.

The Dreambox 2 Craft Cabinet features a standard 24 x 36 inch table top. This really isn't big enough to cut out a sewing pattern or cut fabric yardage for quilting. You can add additional side tables which measure 19.75 x 46.25 inches. This long, narrow craft table works well for paper crafting, but isn't ideal for fabric cutting.

The Dingo cabinet, on the other hand, is clearly designed for fabric cutting and sewing organization. This craft cabinet with fold out table top can be topped with a 44 x 38 inch self healing quilting cutting mat. The fold out section of the table is fully supported so you can work from any side of this craft storage unit.

There are many craft tables and the Dingo and Dreambox are just two popular ones to choose from. Measure your craft supplies, sewing tools, and quilting gear cluttering up your craft room to make the best decision for you.

Dingo Craft Table Size and Specifications

Measure your craft room to see if the Dingo craft table with storage will fit:

  • Dingo Closed Size : 46 ¼" wide x 21 ¼" deep x 35 ¼" high
  • Dingo Open Size with doors folded against the sides: 
  • Dingo Open with craft table extended: 46 ¼” wide x 40 ½” deep x 34 ¼” high

9 drawers for craft storage and organization:

  • 7 small drawers that measure 19 5/8" wide x 15" deep x 3 ¼" high
  • 1 medium sized drawer measuring 19 5/8" wide x 15" deep x 7 1/8" high
  • 1 large drawer measuring 19 5/8" wide x 15" deep x 12 ¼" high

Note - This craft storage cabinet features 1 inch of space between the drawers, allowing space for taller craft supplies.

Special features:

  • Double your craft table size by unfolding the table top
  • Locking doors for safety and security
  • Sturdy design with locking industrial casters for stability and easy mobility
  • Add a 44″ x 38″ sewing cutting mat to perfectly fit the expanded table top.
  • Lifetime warranty, worry-free performance

Shipping information

  • Your Dingo Craft Storage Cabinet with Fold Out Fabric Cutting Table will drop ship from Wisconsin within 5-7 business days.
  • Arrow Sewing determines shipping carrier (FedEx or UPS).
  • Craft room furniture can’t be shipped to a P.O Box.
  • The Dingo Craft Storage Cabinet will arrive in 4 boxes. These are heavy boxes. Please have help available to lift and assemble this craft storage cabinet.

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      Dingo Craft Storage Cabinet & Fold Out Fabric Cutting Table

      $ 1,599.00 $ 2,199.00
      Check out the Dingo - a craft cabinet with fold out table that will get...
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