Heirloom Scissor Pendant Necklace


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Are you looking for a beautiful gift to give a special quilter or sewist in your life? This beautiful silver scissor necklace pendant is the perfect choice!

heirloom scissor pendant necklace

This elegant silver necklace features a 33-inch long chain that keeps your scissors at a comfortable reach. The scissors are made from high quality, stainless steel have sharp points perfect for delicate cutting and trimming.

Best of all, both the scissors and necklace are gorgeous with European styling and elegant curves. This heirloom scissor necklace is perfectly packaged for gift giving in a beautiful purple box.

heirloom scissor pendant necklace

The back side of the scissors and necklace is just as pretty as the front!

heirloom scissor pendant necklace

Special Note from Leah Day: While writing the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt, I loved the idea of Mally having a pair of scissors she could wear around her neck. This necklace was a gift from her Grandma and played a special role in the book.