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Using QCT on a New Longarm for the First Time

It’s time to test out Quilters Creative Touch (QCT) for the first time with my new Qnique 21X Elite longarm! Learn how to quickly test your system with a new machine and some tips for automated quilting success:

Tools and supplies from this tutorial:

Qnique 21X Elite Longarm Machine

Qnique 21X Elite Longarm

Quilter's Creative Touch Automation

Quilter's Creative Touch Automation

Quilting Tool Caddy

Quilting Tool Caddy

Isacord Thread

Isacord Thread

Don’t forget the basics!

I made two big mistakes when I first hit “Quilt” with QCT on this new longarm machine:

1. I didn’t have my side clamps attached to the quilt.

2. I didn’t adjust my speed or stitch length in settings.

These are very simple steps - the absolute basics - and because I skipped them, I didn’t have a great first QCT quilting experience.

I actually screamed. More of a shriek really.

The longarm took off way faster than I expected. The foot immediately caught on the fabric because the side clamps weren’t attached. Then I heard a clackety noise from my bobbin area and was stabbing the “STOP” button as fast as I could.

So don’t make the same mistake I did - check your settings, adjust the stitch length on both your tablet and longarm monitor, and make sure your quilt is properly loaded and under good tension.

Check out my quilting system!

It's taken me several years and lots of baby steps upgrading my frame and longarm machine. Here's a special Qnique combo with everything I'm using today:

  • Qnique 21X Elite Longarm
  • Continuum II Frame
  • Quilter's Creative Touch Automation

Click Here to learn more.

Grace Qnique 21X Elite Ultimate Quilting System

Best Designs for an Initial QCT Test

Quilters Creative Touch comes with hundreds of designs loaded into the software ready for you to play.

Here are 8 of my favorites that are a great choice for your first quilting tests:

Quick Designs to Stitch with QCT 5

From the top left, these designs can be found within Quilter's Creative Touch 5 under the following names:

  • Heartlink Wreath
  • Five Point Ribbon Star
  • Butterfly
  • Flake Circle
  • Poinsetta
  • Bear

These designs stitch out quickly (even when the machine moves slow) and allow you to see how the machine will travel stitch in small spaces and hit precise points.

Have fun testing your QCT system with your new longarm!

Lets go quilt,

Leah Day

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