Isacord Polyester Thread

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1000 meter spool of 40 wt. Isacord Polyester Embroidery Thread

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isacord polyester thread | Isacord quilting threadCheck out the Isacord Thread Gift Set where you can get all 12 beautiful colors for a great price!

Isacord Polyester Embroidery thread is a super strong, super high quality polyester thread perfect for machine quilting, embroidery, and more!

This 40 wt. thread is very thin, making it an excellent choice for free motion quilting designs that require a lot of travel stitching. Isacord is also very strong and able to take the high speed and intensity of machine quilting and embroidery.

isacord polyester thread | Isacord quilting threadYou also get a lot of bang for your buck with Isacord. Free motion quilting an entire quilt requires a lot more thread than piecing or applique because you're covering more surface area. $6 for 1000 meters of thread is an excellent deal and most openly quilted bed quilts can be completed with one spool.

Isacord is also virtually lint-free. Cheaper threads throw off balls of lint that can clog up both the bobbin and top area of a machine. This lint can easily destroy a good machine so make sure to brush out your machine top and bobbin area often.

Frequently asked questions about Isacord thread:

isacord polyester thread | Isacord quilting threadHow do I wind bobbins evenly with Isacord thread?

Isacord thread is very slippery and it can sometimes be a struggle to wind it evenly onto a bobbin. If you notice your bobbin winding loose or messy, try running the thread through your fingertips as it winds onto the bobbin.

By running the thread through your fingertips, you're adding a slight amount of pressure to the thread and encouraging it to wind evenly.

Won't quilting with polyester thread damage my quilts?

isacord polyester thread | Isacord quilting threadLeah Day has used Isacord thread for machine quilting since 2008, and has never experienced the slightest damage of the thread breaking through the fabric, even on quilts that have been washed multiple times.

There's a big difference between the high quality polyester threads of the present and the low quality threads of the past. Most of the prejudice against polyester thread happened in the 1970's when there were a lot of low quality poly / cotton blends causing issues for quilters.

What was true then is not true now. You CAN use high quality polyester threads on your quilts. The trick is to always use high quality materials because great thread + great fabric = excellent project.

Can I piece quilt blocks with this Isacord thread?

No. Isacord thread is best for free motion quilting, applique, and embroidery.

While it can work for piecing in a pinch, Isacord is a very slippery thread and will tend to pick itself out and come unraveled when chain piecing seams that are not backstitched to secure.

What needle should I use with Isacord thread?

magic bobbin washersThis really depends on your machine! Leah uses a Schmetz Universal 80/12 needle because it produces a small hole and rarely skips stitches for her machine.

For best results, always match the color and brand of thread in both the top and bobbin.

Mismatching thread brands, or using cheaper thread in the bobbin, is the #1 reason why quilters struggle with tension issues and poor stitch quality when free motion quilting.

The thread you use DOES matter for the overall outcome of your quilt. For best results, also use Magic Bobbin Washers inside your bobbin case to reduce the number of thread nests and breaks while you quilt.