Clover Cheater Needles 5 Pack

$ 3.99 

5 Pack of Clover Self Threading "Cheater" Needles

Cheater needles are specially designed to thread easier and faster than typical needles. The top of the needle has a small groove that allows you to pop your threads into the eye of the needle rather than threading through the side.

This super quick ability to thread these needles makes them a great tool when securing loose threads in your quilts. Just tie a knot, pop the threads into the eye of a cheater needle and slide the needle through the quilt to secure the loose threads inside.

Learn how to hide your threads using a cheater needle in this video with Leah Day:

Special Note from Leah - Keeping track of one single cheater needle can be difficult to do! In a typical magnetic pincushion, it's too easy for this single needle to get lost among other needles and pins.

cheater needle | how to hide thread tailsSo rather than search for a needle in a haystack, I keep one cheater needle on a Pin Place magnetic pincushion right next to my machine. The pin place is small enough that the cheater needle doesn't get lost and I can easily grab it and hide my loose threads as I'm quilting.

Save on a pack of Cheater Needles and a Pin Place in the Hide Your Threads Kit!