Basting Basics Workshop

Do you get stuck on the step between piecing and quilting? Quilt basting is most quilters' least favorite part of the process so let's learn how to knock it out fast in this new quilting workshop with Leah Day.

From a baby quilt to a king size quilt, you'll learn how to baste quilts of all sizes. Leah will guide you every step of the way, from preparing your materials to picking the right batting, so your finished quilt will look and feel the way you want. 

Ten videos are included in this workshop with a wealth of information for quilters of all skill levels. You'll learn how to:

  • Layer and baste your quilt on a table - not on the floor!
  • Select the right batting so your project can be finished as fast as you desire.
  • Test your batting so you know what to expect in the finished quilt.
  • Prepare the fabric and batting of your quilt so they're easy to layer together.
  • Baste a a baby quilt and a king sized quilt with pins.
  • Remove the pins and secure the layers by machine.
  • Speed up the process by basting on a longarm frame

Machine basting your quilt

So what is a Quilting Workshop and how will it arrive?

Mega Star Download Quilting WorkshopThis video workshop is a collection of videos you can watch online or download to your computer or tablet device.

In order to access the videos and pattern, you’ll need to be able to download a PDF file to your computer. Click Here to find downloading tips.

 Yes, you CAN baste easily and confidently!

Quilt basting batting

Of all the steps in the quilt-making process, this is the technique that is the most confusing for quilters. How do we secure the layers of our quilt together before quilting? How can we layer the top, batting, and backing fabric so they rest smoothly together and look great on the front and back of the quilt? And how do we accomplish this step without breaking our knees or back crawling around on the floor?

You will learn how to do all of these things quickly and efficiently.

Basting Basics Workshop

If you're like most quilters, you probably think of the batting decision as a bit of a gamble. Unless you’ve used a batting before, you really don’t know how it’s going to look or feel in the finished quilt, or how it will wear over time.

With this workshop you will no longer have to guess and second-guess your batting because you'll understand the different types inside and out.

It's time to knock out this step of the quilting process so you can transform your quilt tops into finished quilts so they can be used and enjoyed! Learn all the basics to basting your quilts in this new online quilting class.