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Free Motion Quilting Basics for Beginners

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free motion quilting basics | beginner free motion quiltingAre you ready to start free motion quilting for the first time?

Learn all the basics of free motion quilting in this relaxed, 2 hour class with Leah Day. This beginner tutorial focuses on all the little details like the tools, materials, and tension issues that beginners struggle with the most, as well as learning the techniques, like following a line and forming free-form designs, that you'll need to quilt actual quilts in free motion.

The workshop is split into the following video lessons:

Introduction - Free motion quilting really isn't like anything else, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to learn! Get an overview of this 2 hour video series and start gearing up to learn all about free motion quilting.

What Is Free Motion Quilting? - So what's the big deal about free motion quilting? Learn what makes this type of quilting different from any other task you do with your sewing machine, and why it might take a bit more practice to master free motion quilting verses piecing or applique.

free motion quilting basics | beginner free motion quiltingSewing Machines and Quilting Tools - In order to free motion quilt, you really need to invest in certain tools and supplies to make the job easier. Learn about Leah's favorite tools and her take on domestic sewing machines (chances are the machine you own right now will work just fine!)

Choosing Needles and Thread - Unlike piecing and applique, the needles and thread you use for free motion quilting are really important. Learn what needles and threads quilters commonly use for free motion quilting and how to do a quick test to see which is the best for your machine.

Thread Color Choice - With so many colors to choose from, what is the right color for your quilt? Watch this video to get ideas on how to audition different colors on the surface of your quilt, plus get Leah’s opinion on variegated and invisible threads and the impact they can have on your quilts.

free motion quilting basics | beginner free motion quiltingAdjust Your Tension! - You know that little dial on the front of your machine? It's meant to be turned to adjust your tension! Overcome your fear of making adjustments to your machine so you get the best stitch quality possible while free motion quilting.

Speed Control - Free motion quilting is a lot like driving a car - you need to be able to slow down, speed up, stop, and start smoothly and find a balance to the movement of your hands and the speed of your sewing machine. Also get tips on where to place your foot on the foot pedal of the machine to have the best control over speed.

Posture, Focus, and Confidence - You really can quilt for hours, but only if your sewing table and chair are set up properly to reduce the strain to your back, arms, and shoulders. Get tips on a wonderful, but inexpensive chair to use and how to keep building your focus and confidence on your project at all times.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! In Free Motion Basics for Beginners, you will also learn how to free motion quilt through three practice exercises, how to hide your loose thread tails, and how to pick the right batting for your project.

Leah will also teach you how to baste a quilt and guide you through every step to an awesome beginner level free motion quilting project. We're taking the mystery out of quilting your quilts on your home sewing machine. Learn how to position the quilt so it's easy to move in free motion, even if you have a tiny motion quilting basics | beginner free motion quilting

This video workshop has been organized into a 24 page PDF learning guide which guides you through three fun practice exercises step-by-step.

BONUS! We've updated this workshop to include a Thread Test Worksheet, Stippling and Paisley practice templates!

free motion quilting basics | beginner free motion quiltingThis video workshop is a digital download that will arrive immediately after you place your order. All of the video files are contained in one PDF with links so you can easily click and watch or download each video onto your computer. Having trouble downloading? Click Here to find tips on downloading this workshop.

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What is the difference between this tutorial guide and your other beginner level workshop?

We do have another beginner level video workshop, Beginner Free Motion Fillers, which focuses on teaching you 30 beginner level filler designs in small squares. This workshop is best suited for quilters that have mastered the absolute basics of free motion quilting and are looking to expand their skills.

This workshop, Free Motion Quilting Basics for Beginners, focuses on the absolute basics to get started. You'll learn all the things you need to start free motion quilting: tools, machine setup, needles, thread, etc so you can get started with confidence.

You'll learn how to baste your quilt tops with Leah's special No Masking Tape method, and walk through three basic quilting exercises. You will also learn two very popular filler designs: Stippling and Paisley and see how they are stitched on a large scale, anywhere on your quilt.

This workshop is specifically focused on just those beginning quilting steps. If you have absolutely NO experience and are afraid to even get started, this will be a good fit for you.

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Free Motion Quilting Basics for Beginners Workshop

Free Motion Quilting Basics for Beginners

$ 24.99
Are you ready to start free motion quilting for the first time? Learn all the...
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