Darning Foot for Free Motion Quilting


$ 7.99 

Generic Darning Foot for Free Motion Quilting

This generic darning foot is designed for machines that accept universal Low Shank or High Shank feet. The Low Shank version of this foot will perfectly fit the Eversewn Sparrow machines.

Right out of the package, this foot is not very well designed. If you put it on your machine, you will find it has a solid oval base that is hard to see your needle through, and it has a needle bar that will make the foot hop as your needle moves up and down.

Both of these issues can be fixed by breaking this inexpensive foot and making it better! Watch the video below to learn how to modify this foot for easier free motion quilting:

Follow these instructions for modifying your darning foot:

  1. Using a sharp nail clippers, cut diagonally along the red lines on the top of the foot.
  2. Use a nail file to sand down the rough edges.
  3. Using needle nose pliers, bend the top bar backwards so it no longer hits your needle bar.
  4. To increase the height of your foot so it glides smoothly over all fabrics, twist a rubber band over the top of the foot below the bent bar.
  5. Attach the foot to your machine securely and check the fit. Place a quilt sandwich on your machine and lower the foot on top.
  6. Make sure the quilt can easily slide around. You may need to adjust the height by winding more rubber band above the bent bar or winding less. This also may need adjustment when you quilt with significantly thicker or thinner batting.

Please note: this foot is only compatible with Universal High or Low shank machines. Incompatible machines include: All Bernina and Janome Horizon machines.

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