Ruler Quilting Foot

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Learn how to quilt with rulers with this special quilting foot!

This ruler foot is designed to fit the Eversewn Sparrow 20, as well as all low shank sewing machines. The high lip and exact ½ inch circular base on this quilting foot allows you to use rulers to guide the quilting design. Learn how this works in this new quilting tutorial:

Note: this ruler quilting foot is designed to fit the Eversewn Sparrow sewing machines which are compatible with Low Shank quilting feet. Click Here to contact us of you’re unsure if this foot will fit your machine.

How to Start Ruler Foot Quilting

A ruler quilting is a style of free motion quilting so whatever settings you use for free motion quilting should be the same when you quilt with this foot. Here’s how I begin ruler foot quilting:

I attach the foot to the machine and adjust the height so when the foot is in the down position it skims lightly over the surface of my quilt. I then make sure the machine is straight stitching and change the stitch length to 0.0 mm or the lowest setting the machine allows.

Ruler Foot Quilting

This stops the feed dogs from moving so they don’t pull against the quilt. I also cover the machine bed with a Queen Supreme Slider to make the quilt easier to slide over the surface.

Then with the foot in the down position, I drop the needle down and back up to bring up the bobbin thread to the surface of the quilt. Never drop your needle when this ruler quilting foot is in the UP position. The needle bar will hit the top of the foot and possibly damage your machine.

Finally I slide the quilt under the foot and position my ruler and begin quilting. When quilting with rulers on your home machine, you will move the quilt AND the ruler at the same time through the arm of the machine.

Ruler Foot Quilting

For this reason, you may want to attach True Grips to the back of your rulers so they grip the quilt and don’t slide out of position.

You can also use this ruler foot for general free motion quilting too. Ruler foot quilting is basically a form of free motion quilting so you can quilt both using the ruler as a guide, then set the ruler aside and flow into free form filler designs as well.

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