Grace Qnique Ruler Kit

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Maximize Ruler quilting on your Grace Qnique with Leah's personal ruler AND foot set!

This Grace Qnique ruler set package includes the following ruler items:

  • Qnique Quilter Ruler Base : this allows you to use rulers on your longarm. (Regular price $99.95)
  • Leah's Basic Ruler Quilting Kit : three longarm size rulers designed by Leah. (Regular price $59.85)
  • 3 Piece Hopping Foot Set for the Grace Qnique (regular price $99.95)

Save $34.76 by buying all these tools in one bundle!


Grace Qnique Ruler Quilting

Leah uses these rulers, the ruler base, and the hopping foot set on her own Grace Qnique longarm and Continuum Frame.

To begin ruler foot quilting, you'll first need the ruler base.

Leah Day ruler foot quiltingAdd this sturdy ruler base when machine quilting on your frame to use quilting rulers, straight-edges and templates. This can be easily attached to and removed from your Qnique machine. The ruler base adds a stable surface around the needle, under the quilt, so you can use templates and rulers in ways that would not be possible on fabric alone. 

The ruler base is made of a clear acrylic and is ¼ inch thick, providing stability with a low profile.

More info on the Basic Ruler Quilting Kit designed by Leah:

Basic ruler quilting kit by Leah DayThe ruler set comes with the Slice, Mini Slide, and Super Slide Rulers.

Ruler foot quilting is a new way to free motion quilt using rulers or templates to guide the design. Simply position your ruler on your quilt, press it against a ruler quilting foot and gently steer both the quilt and the ruler through your machine.

The Slice is used to space lines 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 inch apart. You can also quilt fun angles and stitch around the end to create stacked brick designs.

Both the Super Slide and Mini Slide are Continuous Line rulers. If you stop quilting 1/4 inch from the edge, you can reposition the ruler and continue quilting the repeating curve. This will help you create beautiful borders with perfectly spaced lines every time.

More info on the 3 Piece Hopping Foot Set:

3 piece Grace hopping foot setRuler Foot - This foot has a thicker base specially design to work with rulers and templates like the Basic Ruler Set. The heightened bend in the back of the foot clears most quilting rulers so you can place your rulers to all sides to guide your machine to stitch any design.

Open Toe Foot - This thinner, open toe foot gives you full visibility of the needle. It's great for applique, thread painting, and artistic quilting where precision is paramount.

Micro-Stippling Foot - This foot has a tiny base to help guide micro quilting. This will help you fill in the background of your quilts easier with fine, detailed stitching on a small scale.

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