Computerized Quilting for Grace Frames

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Look Ma! No Hands! Quilt Your Quilts Automatically with QCT5!

This computerized quilting system can turn your quilting frame into a giant embroidery machine. Grace Company developed Quilter's Creative Touch 5, a powerful software program that can read simple quilting designs and stitch them into any space on your quilt.

Learn more about QCT and what quilt automation software can do in this video:

Quilter's Creative Touch 5 is the latest version of the Quilt Motion top-of-the-line automated quilting system. You can now cover your quilt with beautiful designs with three simple steps: select, place, and sew! 

Creative Touch automation

Have the ultimate quilting experience with the advanced features needed to create, design, edit, layout, and quilt with absolute precision. Quilt your masterpiece with ease as Quilter's Creative Touch takes your ideas from design to reality.

Quilter's Touch 5 Product Details:

Both the Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Pro and Quilter's Creative Touch Beginnings include the motor plate, drive belts, and software to turn your machine / frame into a computerized quilting machine.

This package does not include the tablet shown above. You will need a Windows based tablet running Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher with a full sized USB Port. This software will not work with any version of Windows RT.

For best results, select a tablet with a 1.66 GHz or faster processor, 64 GB hard drive with at least 2 GB free for installation. 2 GB or more of RAM is recommend as well as a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The included tablet mount will hold tablets with screen sizes from 10 to 12 inches. Internet connectivity is necessary for the software registration, activation, and card access benefits. Affiliate - Click Here to find the tablet Leah is using.

Computerized Quilting for Home Machines

Computerize Your Longarm OR Home Machine!

You can use this computerized quilting system on any Grace Frame, the Qnique 15 / 14+, 19, and 21 inch longarms and with your home machine as well! Check this list to make sure your home machine is compatible with this software:

Babylock Crown Jewel Series
Babylock Jewel
Babylock Quilter's Choice Pro
Bernina 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 series
Janome Artistic 18 / 26
Janome 1600, 6500, 6600, 6700, 9400
Janome Horizon 7700, 8900
Janome HD9

Janome M7 Continental
Juki TL-98, TL-2000, TL-2010
Juki 2200 QVP Mini
Pfaff Grand Quilter 9-inch Machine
Viking Mega Quilter 9
Qnique 14+ / 15R / 15PRO / 19 / 21 / 21PRO
Rock Blockit 14+ and Titan 21
Taylor Bird Eclipse / Ladybug

How do you add QCT to your frame? See the entire building process in this video:

What is the Difference Between QTC5 Pro and QTC5 Beginnings?

We offer two different versions of this software to help you get started with computerized quilting. QCT5 Beginnings is exactly that - a simplified, beginner version of the software that helps you get started with less overwhelm.

You can upgrade your Beginnings software to QCT5 Pro at anytime. You can add GOLD Card access to QCT5 Pro anytime.

Compare the different plans and features using this chart:

 Feature QTC5 Beginnings QTC5 PRO
Computer automated quilting Included Included
Library of over 200 patterns Included Included
Pattern sizing, rotating, & flipping Included Included
Continuous rows with PantoStacker™ Limited Included
Open patterns of different file types Included Included
Advanced Pattern Placements Options Included
Marking Tool* Included
Batch import multiple other file types Included
Export patterns to different file types Included
Print pattern or pantograph Included
Create and edit patterns with PatternCAD™ Included
Design entire quilt layouts with QuiltCAD™ Included
Record free-motion quilting as patterns Included
Features Added with QTC4 Gold Card Access  With Gold Card Access
Borders and Corners Only with Gold
Virtual Longarm Only with Gold
Font Stitcher Only with Gold
Card Access Benefits Only with Gold

 *The Marking Tool lets you make reference marks on your fabric and see them on screen. 

Learn more about each feature of this software:

Computerized Quilting Patterns

Extensive Pattern Library - The included pattern library contains over 200 quilting patterns. You can use these pre-defined patterns, or more advanced users can create their own or import patterns downloaded from other sources. 

Computerized Quilting Placement

Precise Placement Methods - The user friendly screen allows you to precisely align your pattern in relation to your quilt directly using 7 different methods. You can physically set the pattern with your machine and preview the output based on your method. No square ruler or complex math is required!

 Pantograph Quilting Computerized

Easy Pantograph Rows - PantoStacker creates single rows or alternating, staggered double rows that can then be used to sew an entire quilt. Pick a mode, and depending on your software version, you are given different levels of adjustment of the pantograph size as well as the patterns inside the pantograph. Easily get perfect alignment, without ever touching a yardstick!

Quilt Design Cad

Pattern CAD Design - Need more flexibility than the pre-built designs? From simple lines to complex designs, there are numerous options to achieve the optimum results. You can modify pre-defined patterns or start completely from scratch. With PatternCAD, the only limit is your imagination!

Quilt CAD Design - If you want to design an entire quilt layout, there are some options that can only be covered in this section. If you want intricate layouts with different blocks throughout your quilt, look no further.

Image Trace Computerized Quilting

Image Trace - Import any photo on your system into PatternCAD and you can trace it to reproduce on your quilt. Simply click as many points as you wish to outline your image and use the design just as any other pattern. Beautiful portraits and stunning images are as easy as point, click, sew.

Pattern Optimizer -  Fix breaks in your pattern, adjust start/stop points, optimize all aspects of your design. Even see how it will stitch beforehand with our animate feature. Know it's exactly right before you sew even a single thread.

Printable Patterns

Print Patterns - You can choose to print a single pattern, the whole row, or the entire quilt from here. See how your quilt will look or even use it to trace directly onto your quilt for free-motion sewing. It's as simple as setting your pantograph to print across multiple pages.

Computerized Quilting Record Free Motion Quilting

Record Free Motion QuiltingTrace a pattern or have the software record your motion to sew or save for a later time. Start, edit, stop, re-record. This is the ultimate in designing your original work.

GOLD Access - Easy Border DesignUse any pattern you have created to design a border for your quilt. As with other sections, there are different levels from simple border creation to advanced creation of sections and custom layout fitting. Complete your quilt by framing it like the work of art it is.

GOLD Access - Virtual Longarm - If you have a pattern that is bigger than your machine's throat, this is the section for you. Virtual Longarm will take your oversized pattern and break it up based on your individual throat size. You can create those large designs without having to calculate a grid. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

GOLD Access - Design with Fonts - You can also create pantographs in the format of any font installed on your system. Simply pick a font, type what you wish to say, and save the pattern for insertion in any placement method you desire. Beautiful type layouts are sew easy!

Do you have questions about this Computerized Quilting System? Contact us for more information!

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