2012 Free Motion Quilt Along with Leah Day

Free Motion Quilt Along 2012In 2012 I began the Free Motion Quilt Along, a new weekly quilt along designed to help quilters use the hundreds of designs I'd shared on the Free Motion Quilting Project in real quilts. This quilt along was free with all the patterns shared in the blog posts or taught within the quilting videos.

Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilting WorkshopSharing videos weekly was a new experience for me and I learned a lot about online teaching and planning ahead during this project. This was my first substantial experience being face-to-face with the camera as well, which wasn't always comfortable or pretty.

I was still learning how to juggle my schedule and filming, editing, and planning ahead, along with running my business and being a mom. It was a lot to handle so combing my hair was often the last thing on my list!

Since this quilt along completed, I took the Heart & Feather Wholecloth, one of the quilt projects shared in 2012,  and updated it with a lot more information and techniques. You can now find this project and pattern in the Heart & Feather Wholecloth Workshop.

You can now find all of the videos from the Free Motion Quilt Along shared in this playlist. Just click play to watch all of the videos play in order!

If you'd like to read all of the posts in order, just click the links to find the posts on the Free Motion Quilting Project:

1. Let's Wiggle! Free Motion Quilting Basics 2. How to Machine Quilt in Rows on a Home Machine 3. How to Quilt Different Sized Designs
4. How to Machine Quilt on a Line 5. How to Quilt Stippling in Blocks 6. Stippling in Sashing and Borders
7. How to Connect Quilt Pieces 8. Learn to quilt a Real Quilt 9. How to Move a Quilt on a Machine
10. Preparing a Wholecloth Quilt 11. How to Outline a Wholecloth Quilt 12. Free Motion Quilting Microstippling
13. Finish and Bind a Quilt 14. Beginner Free Motion: Stippling 15. Machine Quilt Sharp Stippling
16. Free Motion Quilting: Zippling 17. Free Motion Quilt Design Circuit Board 18. Beginner Free Motion Quilting Loopy Line
19. How to Piece a Modern Quilt 20. Planning a Quilting Design 21. Machine Quilt a Modern Quilt
22. How to make a Quilt Tag 23. How to Machine Quilt Branches 24. Free Motion Quilt Tree Roots
25. Free Motion Quilting: Cucumber vine 26. How to Paint a Quilt 27. How to Store Your Quilts
28. How to Audition Quilt Designs 29. Five Easy Free Motion Quilt Heart Designs 30. Pivoting Designs in Free Motion Quilting
31. Machine Quilt Lava Paisley 32. Free Motion Quilting: Snake Paisley 33. Pointy Paisley in Free Motion
34. Free Motion Design Flowing Lines 35. Learn to Machine Quilt Goldilocks in Free Motion 36. Trapped Paisley in Free Motion Quilting
37. Learn to Machine Quilt Jagged Lines 38. Free Motion Design Lost Data 39. Matrix Free Motion Quilt Design
40. Learn to Machine Quilt Sunflower 41. Pod Machine Quilting 42. Spiral ornaments in Free Motion
43. Cat Hairball: Super Easy Quilt Design 44. Machine Quilt Starry Mess 45. Free Motion Quilt Heart Confetti

When I look at the videos for this quilt along, a part of me slightly cringes at how little I cared about combing my hair or clearly lighting the room I was sitting in. Making videos was often the last thing on my list after a long day, which is why I look pretty tired in most of these videos.

But this was also one of our most widely watched and followed quilt along projects. I have to look at each design and project shared with joy in my heart because it was so nice to be quilting along with other quilters, interacting on the blog, and seeing other people make a quilt I had designed.

So while they aren't perfect, I'll never take these videos down because they're such a great lesson on free motion quilting and quilting real quilts.

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