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Beginner All-Over Quilting Design - Grapevine

Let's try another All-Over Quilting design! Grapevine is an easy combination of Stippling and Pebbling and makes for a fast and fun quilting experience:

My Longarm used in this quilting tutorial:

Qnique 19X Elite Longarm Machine

Grapevine is also Oldie Goldie design from the Free Motion Quilting Project.

Click Here to find the original tutorial for Grapevine from 2010.

Where Should We Quilt Grapevine in Our Quilts?

Grapevine is a perfect All-Over Quilting Design. Take this design and stitch it over your piecing and applique shapes and you will secure your quilt top fast. 

I love the grape shapes - they just make me smile! I admit, this isn't an attempt to quilt real grape shapes. I'm very much inspired by Trix cereal and the cartoony triangle grape shape they added to the cereal when I was a kid.

All-Over Quilting Design Grapevine

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Spring into Free Motion Quilting Tutorial Series

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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