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Basket Weave Free Beginner Quilt Pattern

Super simple piecing and a fun fabric layout combine to make this beautiful Basket Weave Quilt! Learn how to piece this free quilt pattern with Leah Day:

Basket Weave Free Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Basket Weave Quilt Pattern - Finished size 45 1/2 inches square.

Are you looking for the free quilt pattern for the Basket Weave Quilt? Click Here to download this free quilt pattern!

Basket Weave Free Quilt PatternExtra Quilting Tips and Tricks

The key with the Basket Weave Quilt pattern is following the pattern diagram. It's really easy to accidentally piece the wrong units together and break up the cool woven effect. Pay close attention to the pattern diagram and which fabric print is indicated.

If you do make a mistake, no problem! There should be plenty of fabric left over from creating this quilt that you can piece extra units or whole blocks if needed.

How to Finish Your Basket Weave Quilt

After piecing your Basket Weave Quilt, the next step is to baste it. Learn my favorite method of quilt basting in the workshop Quilting a King on Your Home Machine. 

In this workshop, I demonstrate how to baste a massive king sized quilt on my dining room table. I share all the steps from securing the backing fabric, to choosing your batting, to pinning the layers together securely. If you've been confused by quilt basting, or had a bad experience with masking tape, definitely give this workshop a try and learn more about the quilting process!

Super Easy Machine Quilting Design

Once your Basket Weave quilt is basted, it's time for machine quilting. I designed a super simple quilting design that will secure the layers of the quilt quickly and add beautiful texture to the surface. Learn how to quilt this easy design in this new video:

Machine Quilting Circles for Beginners

What do you think of this easy quilting design? I quilted the Basket Weave quilt with five rows of straight lines in the printed fabric areas, and five rings of concentric circles in the background areas.

In this video I demonstrated tying off loose thread tails. Click Here to find a more detailed video on how to secure the loose threads in a quilt.

The circle design was marked using Cindy Needham's Ultimate Marking Stencils, which easily mark concentric circles.

Finally, moving this quilt on the machine was made much, much easier because my machine was on flush surface with the table top. Click Here to find the same Affordable Sewing Table that I use to make quilting easier on a home machine.

Machine quilting easy design with walking foot

So that's it for the Basket Weave quilt pattern! I hope you enjoy this free quilt pattern and easy, beginner level machine quilting design. 

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