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Chain of Beads Free Precut Quilt Pattern

I love precut square packs, but sometimes the fabrics are so pretty, I can't stand to cut them up! Learn how to showcase all of those gorgeous squares in a super easy quilt pattern:

Chain of Beads Quilt Pattern - Finished Size 57 x 67 inches

Chain of Beads free quilt patternAre you looking for the Chain of Beads quilt pattern? Click Here to download this free quilt pattern!

Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

This quilt pattern is super easy to piece because we only trim the precut squares down a bit to 9 1/2-inches square. This large size means the quilt will come together quickly and easily. Always remember - bigger blocks piece a faster quilt!

Chain of beads quilt patternFor the Strip Blocks, this is super simple quilt piecing as well. You create a strip set first, then sub-cut blocks. This method is faster than piecing the blocks together individually because you can save time cutting out fabric because you don't have as many small pieces to cut out. You'll also save time piecing because you just have two long seams per strip set instead of two seams to stitch per block.

Just remember to maintain an accurate 1/4-inch seam allowance as you stitch each strip set and press the seam allowances open so the blocks will be accurate and measure exactly 9 1/2-inches square.

But how do we quilt it, Dear Leah, Dear Leah?

The fun thing about this Chain of Beads quilt is there are lots of creative possibilities for machine quilting designs! I would start by stitching in the ditch around the blocks and the cream "chain" that runs between them.

With the quilt mostly secure, you could then quilt a different quilting design into each block. This would give you a wonderful excuse to try out new designs from the Free Motion Quilting Project!

If you go with this option, try keeping the black background of your Chain of Beads quilt very simple with straight lines, Stippling, or another background filler design. The focus of the quilt will be on the bright, precut fabrics and the unique quilting designs in each square so let them bet he star of the show.

If you don't like the idea of quilting over your pretty precut fabrics and want the quilt to finish super fast, make sure to select a batting that has a high rating. Look on the package for it to say "Quilting up to 10 inches." This means that you could just stitch the blocks in the ditch (9 inch square) and that would be enough quilting to secure and finish this quilt.

No matter how you quilt it, Chain of Beads will be a terrific beginner project to show off your favorite fabrics and learn the basics of piecing a quilt top.

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