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Double Stripe Diamond Free Quilt Pattern by Leah Day

I have a stack of cheerful pink, red, and yellow fabrics which is making me think of sweet treats and candy canes. Learn how to slice up your fat quarters to create the quick and easy Double Stripe Diamond quilt! Watch how it works in this new quilting tutorial:

Double Stripe Diamond Quilt
Finished Size: 50 x 65 inches
Double Stripe Diamond Free Quilt Pattern
Double Stripe Diamond Quilt Pattern
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Piecing Diamond ShapesPiecing Tips and Tricks for the Double Stripe Quilt

This quilt is pieced with diamond shapes into long rows. When piecing, don't line up the tip of the diamond with the edge of the piece before it, or your edges will end up 1/4 inch off.

Instead push the tip of the diamond forward so when you begin stitching, you're sinking the needle into both fabrics. The tip of the diamond will hang off the edge a bit like the photo on the right.

But if you don't get things lined up exactly it's no big deal! We're piecing the Double Stripe Diamond quilt in long rows so you can always trim the edges straight after the diamonds are pieced together. No seams match in this quilt so that's a time saver as well.

Don't Agonize the Arrangement!

Double Stripe Quilt Layout

I spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging my Double Stripe Quilt and honestly, it didn't make much of a difference. Many times I will throw the units together and it will end up perfect the first time. The more you fiddle and rearrange and agonize about the layout, the more time ticks by and you're not getting anything done.

So don't get bogged down with this! Arrange your units quickly, stitch them together with white background pieces, and enjoy this bright and cheerful diamond quilt.

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