Flying Geese in the Wildflowers Free Quilt Pattern

Learn how to transform a simple printed Wildflower fabric panel into a quilt with a pieced flying geese triangle border!

Flying Geese in the Wildflowers Quilt Pattern
Finished Size: 32 x 42 inches

Geese in the Wildflowers Quilt
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Extra Quilting Tips and Tricks

The key to attaching a pieced quilt border like this to a quilt is precise cutting and piecing the borders must measure the exact same size as the fabric panel in order to fit on the edge of the quilt.

Take your time cutting the Wildflower fabric panel first. I found it easiest to fold the panel in half and cut the edges using a long 6 x 24 inch ruler. I did have to use the lines on my cutting mat in order to cut the panel to measure the correct size.

How to Piece Perfect QuiltsI rarely use the lines on my cutting mat because they're not as accurate as the lines on a ruler. I've cut into the mat repeatedly for one thing and also often folded it in half to store it away. This can alter the lines on the mat and result in the lines being less accurate.

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Piecing a Flock of Flying Geese

When piecing the flying geese units, just be sure to cut the background rectangles accurately and don't trim this fabric away after piecing. It provides a solid background for the triangle and will guarantee the shape will finish the correct size.

Flying Geese in the Wildflowers QuiltAs you piece the flying geese units together, check your seam allowance often by placing a ruler over your patchwork to measure it. This way you will know if your seam allowance is tending to be a bit wide or a bit narrow.

Geese in the Wildflowers will be a great quilt pattern for learning how to piece flying geese units and how to add a pieced border to any quilt.

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